A Week Of Outfits Inspired By Carrie Bradshaw

A few weeks ago, fashion blogger, vlogger and stylist Beth Jones gave us some major style inspiration and shared a week of outfits that incorporated some of the best fall trends. Today, she’s back with a week of outfits inspired by the legendary fictional character, Carrie Bradshaw. Beth credits Carrie as being one of her favorite style icons and she decided to bring her to life in a series of looks shot around beautiful LA. Like Beth, when it comes to fashion and style, we’ve also been hugely inspired by Carrie Bradshaw and continue to find inspiration in her outfits, so we hope you enjoy her video and outfits as much as we do!

In creating the ‘What Would Carrie Wear’ film, my hope was to bring back the magic of Carrie Bradshaw and draw inspiration from her in creating new looks that were a throwback to things that she was known for. I worked with my dream team of stylists: Chelsea, Sarah and Chelsea to create seven looks representing Carrie! – Beth

Look One: The Tutu

Even if you don’t know much about “Sex and the City,” you probably recognize the iconic shot of Carrie wearing the tank and tutu on the streets of New York. When styling a “tutu” look, we didn’t want to copy Carrie’s creation, we wanted to tip our hat to it by taking a crazy, fabulous printed tutu skirt and staying true to Carrie by dressing it down with a simple white tee. Carrie was also known for accessorizing with brooches—more is more fun in her book—so we piled four brooches on top of each other! We finished everything off with some Manolos…because Carrie!

Look Two: The Floral on Floral

Carrie was always known for wearing a ’50s-inspired dress and making it work during the day! This look was all about all those fabulous ’50s dresses she wore along the way. Styling it up with another floral coat was inspired by the “apartment hunting” scene from the movie. To keep things quirky and offbeat, we topped off the look with a wide brim hat and gold belt on top of gold belt!

Look Three: The “Russian”

We called this The Russian look because it reminded us of the last season of “SATC” when Carrie was swept off to Paris to prance around the city with The Russian. I’ll never forget her walking the streets of Paris in the red polka dot dress, layered under a fabulous coat. Of course, the studded belt was a nod to the first movie when Carrie wore that belt with so many outfits.

Look Four: The Pageboy

The pageboy look was reminiscent of Season 4 when Carrie made the pageboy hat work with every outfit on every day. Who can forget the pageboy hat and the “Joe DiMaggio” suit while walking Pete the dog! This look was all about that era of Carrie getting dressed—always with heels!

Look Five: The Cosmo and Kimono

This look was inspired by Carrie making the kimono not just a robe, but something fabulous to throw on when you walk out the door—to an art show, to get the paper or to write her latest column! We made the look underneath so very Carrie by wearing hot pants with a ridiculously huge belt and slouchy red boots. Each piece was inspired by different episodes…can you name them?

Look Six: The Fur and the Flower

If there is one look that feels the most like Carrie to me, it’s this one. In the first few seasons of “SATC,” Carrie was always throwing on a vintage fur, and a ’90s slip dress was usually underneath. The look comes together with the big floral pin because Carrie made floral pins a thing!

Look Seven: Hollywood Sign

There were always the dressed-down, yet still dressed-up looks of Carrie. Her brunch looks, her paper/coffee/cigarette looks, those in-between looks. And this was inspired by those. From the old Levi’s 501s, the “going out” top, the scarf belt and bobby-pinned hair, this look is so Carrie!

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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  • Wow very creative and colorful however, being from L.A. all I can picture is how I relate to all this from a man’s point of view. GREAT PHOTO SHOOT FOR SURE! but doesn’t seem realistic. Everywhere she goes, she’s by herself. Downtown scene doesn’t exist after 5 p.m. (I’ve worked there). Hollywood sign…. one would be in shorts and sneakers- IT’S A HIKE! Where are her friends that complement the look and her smile? She looks alone trying to be relevant when no one is around. Great clothing selections, very creative!

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