How To Host The Perfect Friendsgiving With Your Best Gal Pals

How To Host The Perfect Friendsgiving With Your Best Gal Pals

‘Tis the season for fun and festive gatherings, and this Thanksgiving, consider hosting an intimate friendsgiving party with a group of your closest girlfriends. It’s a chance to catch up and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. It’s also a great opportunity to create a beautiful tablescape, and let’s not forget, delicious foods and desserts. Jill from Layered Vintage and Aly from Luna Wild Design are here to provide tips and tricks on hosting a friendsgiving party that is sure to be a hit. Find the details below!

Grab A Gal Pal To Co-host With

Everything in life is better with a friend. Get together first to bounce ideas off of each other and you can co-create a vision and split up tasks. That way, you can each focus on an area of the night and put your time and intentionality into your area and trust that your friend is doing the same for her end. For us, one of us took the table top design and menu while the other handled the florals and inviting guests.

Calligraphy/Menus: Twinkle & Toast

Don’t Let The Group Get Too Big

The best thing about friendsgiving is the intentionality in relationships you’re investing in. Set the table for your closest gals, and let them feel loved and appreciated and not just a number in a large group. We found that for a friendsgiving, if the group is too big, you can’t appreciate all the friends who are there. With a smaller group, you can relax and have the time to converse and love on each guest that attends.

Embrace The Thanksgiving Spirit

Feel free to thank your friends for being them, for their support and love. It’s a great excuse to make your loved ones feel appreciated. We gave each guest a small floral crown to wear that evening and wrote a little thank you on the menus. We also wanted to get a little creative and wrapped the desserts inside of fabric to act as a gift.

Forage Flowers For A Unique And Seasonal Centerpiece

The seasons have just changed and the colors are magical, so take a walk around your neighborhood with some shears and clip the autumn leaves, curly branches and whatever else catches your eye. Trader Joe’s is amazing for fresh flowers at super inexpensive prices. They will usually have many items that the wholesale florists have access to. Another option is your local farmers’ market. Mix in the purchased pieces with the ones you foraged and voila! A beautiful table arrangement is born.

Floral Design: Layered Vintage

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