5 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Holiday Tablescape This Year

It’s time to replace the fall-scented candles and pumpkins with all-things holiday now that Thanksgiving is officially over. One of the most festive ways to get into the holiday spirit is with a decorative tablescape that is full of items that set the mood while you set the table for gatherings with family and friends. The Roc Shop is here today to offer a selection of beautiful holiday tablescapes and tips on how to make each setting come to life!

1. Consider new color combinations.

Even though we may think of the holidays in traditional reds and greens, you aren’t constrained to a two-tone color palette! Think outside of the box with new color combos to create a fresh tablescape. Blush and burgundy together can create a striking and elegant spread, while blues and whites are the perfect colors to pop with wood and golds. One of the best ways to bring color to your table is through dishes and glassware, as well as florals, so try finding some key pieces that will stick out. 

2. Incorporate fresh elements.

Natural elements, such as florals, produce or greenery, are key to making a holiday tablescape memorable! Fresh-cut flowers are a great way to bring volume, height and color to the table, and mixing in alternative blooms with tropical flair can bring an entirely new vibe to your holiday-scape! Consider using other elements aside from flowers, too, such as ferns, peppercorns or pine. And they don’t always have to be in an arrangement! Use winter greens to adorn plates, tuck sprigs into silverware or nestle berries and pomegranates within the tablescape.

3. Play with textures.

A luscious holiday table is created in layers, and the more textures you bring to the table, the better! Metallic linens, wooden chargers and a plethora of plates are all great ways of adding dimension to the table. If you have a wooden table, don’t feel the need to cover it! You can use runners or placemats to add an additional element, but let the wood serve as another layer. Tucking in various gold elements, chocolates or holiday trinkets, such as The Roc Shop’s laser-cut ornaments, are another way to achieve that extra-special detail.

4. Mix and match your glassware and add adornments.

Don’t feel the need to bring out your traditional set of wine glasses or buy a new collection. Instead, work with what you have and create a fresher look by mixing and matching glassware. Whether you have a great collection of vintage goblets, gold-rimmed tumblers or colored coupes, try incorporating a few different styles throughout the table! If you are keeping glassware neutral, consider adding decorative drink stirrers from The Roc Shop.

5. Use alternative settings.

While we might have been trained to set forks on the right and knives on the left, holiday tablescapes can step away from tradition. Tie your silverware together with greenery and a holiday accent and place it on top of the plate, or set all of your ware at the top of the plate. Napkins can be mixed up, too. Fold them horizontally beneath a plate for a modern take, or knot them up with fun rings!

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Author: Abby Vancisin

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