How Taylor Improved Her Indoor Allergies

This summer, I shared my allergy woes on my Instagram account and I received such an overwhelming response—so many of you shared your tips and experiences! I explained how for the past four years I’ve been massively struggling with allergies, particularly my eye allergies. Growing up, I suffered from seasonal allergies pretty badly and I also have to take medications frequently. As I’ve gotten older, it seems to be getting worse. While I’ve been able to get a handle on my nasal allergies with medications, my eye allergies have been persistent, painful and very frustrating. I assumed that it was something inside the house we moved into four years ago and I’ve been working like a detective to find out the culprit! I’ve also done allergy testing, but nothing really helped.

That was until recently. A few months ago, Dyson reached out to me about its purifiers, Pure Cool Link and Pure Hot+Cool Link. I’d actually heard good things about them and was curious, especially because I’m a big fan of Dyson products. We have this vacuum and absolutely love it. This post isn’t sponsored by the company, but I was sent the purifiers to try. Despite how much I love Dyson products, I was apprehensive about if they would work, as my allergies are so unrelenting. I set them up around the house in areas that we spent the most time in. One thing that surprised me when doing research on this, is that the air quality in your home can be up to five times worse than outdoors, which is nuts considering how much time we spend inside. Having an air purifier at home can help capture pollution, pollen, mold, bacteria and odors. Prior to having issues with my eye allergies, I never really thought about indoor air quality. Not only do I want to improve my allergies, but I don’t want to spend time in a room that has poor air quality, and I definitely don’t want my kids to either (I set one in their room, too, so I could monitor the air quality). I also love that the Pure Hot+Cool Link that I put in their room is a fan and a heater. I’m impressed that these products are multi-functional, well-designed, safe and effective.

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The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link purifier has a 360 glass HEPA filter. And unlike other air purifiers that can force pollutants through the filter and back into the room, Dyson’s air purifier technology captures 99.97 percent of potentially harmful particles as small as 0.3 microns, trapping them in the filter and removing them from the air you breathe. I was also impressed with the reviews I read on the website and Amazon. I made sure to read through them before I agreed to accept the products.

I really wanted to test these before I wrote this post. If I didn’t see results, there was no way that I would promote them to you. I had to take the time to see if they work. It’s been a little over a month now and I can honestly tell you that my allergies have improved. I’m not allergy-free, but I don’t think that’s the point of the purifier. However, before trying these products, I was having attacks with my eyes three to four times a week. Now, I’ve only had two incidents in over a month. That’s something I’m super excited about!

I really enjoy that these purifiers are multi-functional. I used the fan often when we had a recent heat wave. I think the heater on the Pure Hot+Cold Link is going to be really nice and I plan to move it into my office during the winter where I don’t have access to our central heat.

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I love that it monitors the pollutants in your home and then reports real-time indoor and outdoor air quality to your smartphone through the Dyson Link App. I often set up the purifier to automatic mode and it will start working when it detects that the air quality is poor. I feel relieved knowing that it’s working on improving the air quality for my family. Also, the remote has a magnet that you can conveniently set to the top of the purifier so it’s easier to keep track of—genius!

These can be quite pricey, but I would look at it as an investment into your health and your home. I would absolutely buy one of these. Dyson kindly gifted me a few to try in different rooms of my house, but if I was to buy one, I would invest in just one and use it in the room you are in the most—probably your bedroom. If you see results, you can always invest in more.

I’m eager to see how the purifiers work for me during the peak of allergy season. Right now, the outdoor allergens are less intense and that could also be helping me. However, because I was suffering year-round before, I feel optimistic that these are helping to reduce my allergies. Using them in combination with medications, cleaning routines and more hygienic solutions seems to be massively helping me, and for that I’m super grateful!

Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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