The Cutest DIY Gift This Holiday Season

The Cutest DIY Gift This Holiday Season

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Some people on your holiday list are easy to shop for—you know what they want or need and you buy a present based on that. Other people are much more difficult to shop for—teachers and co-workers, for example—as you often know less about their interests and what is on their wish list. Instead of opting for the ever-popular, yet impersonal, gift card, consider wrapping up something sweet this year. No, we’re not talking about whipping up a batch of holiday cookies or other desserts—it’s all about the healthy, delicious and undeniably adorable gift of Cuties clementines. Our brand and partnership director, Caitlin Kruse, is here to share some of the most darling Cuties-based presents that are sure to put a smile on the face of everyone on your list.

Now that Taylor and I both have young daughters in school, we have another holiday gift to add to our list—something fun and easy to give to their friends, peers and teachers! Cuties season (November through January—hence the nickname for clementines, Christmas Oranges) is one of our favorites. To celebrate this festive time of year, Cuties is bringing fans #100daysofsunshine and is encouraging consumers to share the sweetness and bring a smile to someone’s face with the gift of Cuties!

Both of our girls gobble up the easy-to-peel, kid-sized clementines that are the perfect snack for any time of the day. Aside from being adorable, the name just makes you want to smile, right? We were excited to partner with Cuties this holiday season to come up with a DIY gift that you can give to just about about anyone on your holiday list. And of course our girls are Cuties Correspondents  and will be giving these treats to their classmates!

Because we are busy, working moms, the number-one requirement of our DIY gift is that it is easy—and luckily, we came up with something that only requires a trip to the grocery store and a quick online order!

Mulling spices are traditionally used in wine, but are extra delicious when warmed up with cider, a few Cuties slices and a fresh cinnamon stick to infuse even more flavor! So this holiday season, we’ll be sending our girls to school with little Cuties and mugs to gift their friends and classmates and baskets for their teachers complete with mulling spices, mugs and fresh cider. They couldn’t be easier to put together! We may be biased, but we can’t think of anything sweeter than the gift of little Cuties from our own little cuties!

I had my daughter help fill the mulling bags with spices, but she couldn’t resist eating a few Cuties during the process. I love that they are seedless, ripe and ready to eat when we pick them up from the grocery store. All-natural and a great source of potassium and fiber, Cuties are definitely a snack I encourage my daughter to eat.

Here’s what we used to put together our gifts!


Mulling spices (make your own or order)
Cinnamon sticks
Muslin bags
Velvet ribbon
Kid + Adult-sized white mugs
Gift tags + Cozy Cutie Cider recipe tag (download here)
Gift baskets

We simply stacked two Cuties in the mugs, tied them with a ribbon and added a tag for the individual kids gifts.

For the gift basket, we filled muslin bags with the mulling spices, added a few Cuties, a mug, ribbon and a gift tag. And alongside, included some fresh apple cider that we put in a jar.

So easy, but a thoughtful, cute and fun gift to give to friends, classmates and teachers this holiday season!

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Author: Caitlin Kruse