The Best Home Organization Items That Are As Chic As They Are Functional

Many of our posts so far this year have been about the importance of being organized and starting fresh, and we can’t stress enough how it will make you so much more productive and relaxed. If you’re like us, at the top of our organizational to-do list is decluttering certain rooms or areas of our homes, and luckily, there are so many home décor pieces that are not only designed to be functional, but also look stylish and chic! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites in this post, so get ready to fill up your virtual shopping carts so that you can tackle those cluttered spots in your home once and for all. Happy Shopping!

Wire Wall Square Grid ($49): We love these wire grids for our desk area. They’re the perfect place to add any inspiration we come across!


Nile Large Black and White Woven Basket ($65.95): These woven baskets will make a bathroom feel more like a spa oasis at a tropical resort.


PB Classic Glass Canister ($19.50): Speaking of chic bathroom accessories, we love these glass canisters for cotton balls, soaps, etc. They’ll also look great in your kitchen or pantry!


Wall-Mounted Bike Rack ($49.99): If you live in the city or have a small apartment with no storage, we highly recommend this bike rack! It will keep your entryway nice and tidy.


Maple Wood Bed Riser Set ($39): If you’re lacking storage areas, make more use of your under-the-bed space! Bed risers help maximize it, but these are not like the clunky plastic ones you had in college. These wood ones look a lot more stylish if they are peeking out under your bed skirt.


Jacquelyne Underbed Basket ($55): These under-bed baskets are great for books, clothes, shoes, blankets etc. We love that they are on casters so they can slide easily in and out.


White-Dipped Ladder ($98): You can’t go wrong with a rustic ladder! It’s perfect for organizing your cozy throws.


Alina Storage Ottoman ($119): Speaking of living room organization, make the most of your coffee table by making sure it has some storage areas. We love this ottoman, which acts as a storage basket/ottoman/coffee table hybrid.


Wallmount Drying Rack ($199): This wall mount shelf pulls out into a convenient drying rack—perfect for your laundry area!


Yamazaki Tower Bathroom Storage Cart ($59): We always get so much use out of storage carts around the house. If you’re working with tighter spaces, this cart is the perfect size and still holds a decent amount of stuff. We’d use it in our bathroom or office area.


Looker Oversized Storage Box ($24): Storing your clothes never looked so chic. Plus, you can tell what you’re storing in each box, which makes it so much easier to find things in a pinch.


Yamazaki Tower Clothing Rack ($89): Rolling racks are great for when you need a little more closet space (like in your bedroom or entryway), but can often feel bulky and cumbersome if you have a smaller space. This narrower one is such a great alternative!


Bedside Storage Caddy ($14.99): If you don’t have room for a bedside table but want to avoid creating a pile of stuff on the floor, these little caddies are perfect to hold your bedside essentials. Plus, they are super inexpensive!


Yamazaki Minimal Over-The-Door Hook ($16): The sleekest over-the-door hook ever!


Bamboo Entry Way Organizer ($99): This organizer is perfect for your entryway or bedroom. It would also be easy to paint and customize.


Cable Management Box ($9.99): We hate the look of cords from all our devices. This little thing makes them easier to hide and disguise.


Glass Shadow Boxes ($29+): These glass shadow boxes are perfect for storing and displaying tickets, jewelry and even makeup!


Hemnes Shoe Cabinet ($99): Our editorial director loves this piece from IKEA! It holds a minimum of 12 pairs of shoes (she fits more), plus has a drawer for keys, sunglasses, dog leashes, etc. She changed out the knobs to give it a little more pizzazz.


Steele Canvas Truck ($129): We love the look of this for a laundry hamper or basket. It’s perfect for a bigger family—or if you just tend to do a lot of wash!


Basket ($12.99): Cute baskets are our go-to storage organizers in a pinch, and these ones from IKEA are such a great inexpensive option to some of the fancier and pricer ones out there.


Bedford Lazy Susan ($49): Whether you put it in your kitchen, bathroom or on your desk, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of this little Lazy Susan.


Antique Brass Wine Rack ($98): If you don’t have room for a bar cart, this rack is a super chic option for storing your beverages.


Food Container, set of 3 ($14.99): These glass food storage containers will take your food from the freezer to the table without creating a bunch of extra dishes to wash.



Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup Storage ($7.99+): These acrylic makeup organizers are perfect for beauty junkies like ourselves! They’ll also work well for your desk area.


Over-The-Cabinet Hair Dryer Caddy ($14): Keep your hair tools organized and out of the way with this sleek over-the-cabinet caddy.


Emilia Tiered Jewelry Stand ($34): Such a pretty way to organize and display your jewelry!

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Author: Abby Vancisin

Abby is always on the hunt for affordable fashion, beauty and décor. Abby and Taylor are not related—that they know of ... Follow along on Instagram!