5 Ways To Style Large-Scale Art

Time and again, we hear that ‘less is more,’ but when it comes to the size of art, sometimes bigger is better. In fact, large-scale art is totally having a moment these days, and we are loving it. We know that displaying art is not always easy, as there are so many things to consider, so we are here to offer examples of five great ways to style large-scale art. We hope this post will inspire you to not only buy some larger art pieces for your home, but also discover ways to style them to make a big and dramatic statement in your home.

The Style Files

When it comes to large-scale art, you want to make sure you pick something that moves you. Something that will be timeless because it will be a very dramatic statement in your home. We love how this piece looks seamless with the wall and complements the colors in the dining room. Its uniqueness is something people can discuss at your dinner parties.

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The New York Times

Make sure you measure and do adequate planning on how you will get your beloved large-scale artwork into your home and where it will live safely. This grand vintage portrait looks stunning styled among other vintage treasures.

The Apartment

One full-proof way to style oversized art is to keep the rest of the room very simple. Let the piece do the talking. This room is very simple, but yet each piece complements each other perfectly.

Allie Mood’s Home Tour

A dining room is one of the best places for your large-scale artwork. It’s typically a bigger room and often is a standalone room that doesn’t have to work with the rest of the house. We love how Allie styled her large, colorful poppy piece with simple furnishings.

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Leah Goren’s Home Tour

You don’t have to keep it simple though. Often going all out can work really well for a room. Like in artist Leah Goren’s New York City apartment. Her large weaving sits pretty with other unique artwork, textures and colors.






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