Air Fryer Recipes Are Trending! Here Are The Ones You Need To Try

Airfryer Recipes Are Trending! Here Are The Ones You Need To Try

Air fryers have taken the internet by storm and now we know why. They are easy to use, great for whipping up quick meals or sides and allow us to enjoy all the fried deliciousness of many of our favorite foods without the guilt! What’s not to love? If you haven’t invested in an air fryer, now’s the time, as we are rounding up some of our favorite air fryer recipes today and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to try them out. Enjoy!

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Sriracha-Honey Chicken Wings from Karen’s Kitchen Stories: These wings are the perfect combo of crunchy, spicy and sweet!


Healthy Vegetable Spring Rolls from Easy Cooking: Yummy vegetable spring rolls without the unnecessary grease.

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Air Fried Fish Tacos from Jillian Harris: We’re always fans of fish tacos, and this air-fried version looks absolutely delicious.


Garlic Parmesan Oil-Free Air Fryer Chips from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen: The perfect crunchy snack with half the guilt.


Guilt Free Vegetable Fries from Recipe This: Speaking of guilt, these vegetable fries are pretty much guilt-free. They’re also full of flavor.


Buffalo Cauliflower Steaks from Olives For Dinner: This vegan recipe makes for a hearty dinner dish that the whole family will love.


Air Fryer French Fries from Brand New Vegan: This vegan French fry recipe would be the perfect accompaniment to those cauliflower steaks.


Pizza Hut Bread Sticks from Recipe This: These would be the perfect addition to a pizza or pasta night.


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Tortilla Chips from The Leaf: Chips and guacamole have to be one of our favorite snacks/indulgences. We can’t wait to try this healthier version made in an air fryer.


Chicken Nuggets from Crunchy Creamy Sweet: This healthier chicken nuggets recipe is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.







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