7 Ways To Declutter Your Life This Spring

If you’re anything like us, clutter increases your stress levels and makes you less productive. However, you keep postponing it because you would rather do something more exciting than spend your day decluttering, right? The truth is that organizing your stuff can actually be a calming activity—and let’s not forget the end result!

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Because spring is the season of decluttering, our contributor, Joana Ferreira, put together some tips on how to declutter your life. If clutter is stressing you out, turn on your favorite podcast or music playlist, and spend some time organizing your space. It will make your life so much easier!

1. Declutter your closet.

One of our best tips is to make time to do it all at once, otherwise, it will take you days to complete it. Start by pulling everything out and dividing your clothing into categories so that it’s easier to compare your pieces and decide which to keep. Get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in a year or the things you will use “someday.” Then, fold your clothes and store them vertically instead of on top of each other in drawers. Also, don’t forget to go through your sock drawer. It probably needs some decluttering, too!

2. Find a home for your shoes.

Instead of having your shoes spread all over the house, get a shoe organizer for your closet. Keeping your shoes in the same place is also a way to make sure you can see every pair you own and rotate them more often.

3. Organize your digital life.

Our computer can be one of the most cluttered areas of our life. Take some time to go through your files and organize them. You can use the cloud to store your documents and save space on your computer. Sure, that is boring and time-consuming, but you will thank your past self, trust me. Keep your desktop organized, too, and unsubscribe to junk email—Unroll.Me can help you with that.

4. Tidy up your desk.

Take five minutes to tidy up your desk. Get rid of pens that have run out, keep cords and cables organized and get a paper organizer to avoid having a bunch of sheets spread around. Having a decluttered desk will make you more productive and your mind less chaotic.

5. Create catch-all areas.

If you’re guilty of throwing your keys, wallet, lip balm, etc. on the console table or anywhere around the house, create catch-all areas. You can use a small bowl or basket to keep things organized and make it easier to grab (and find!) when you’re heading out the door.

6. Organize your pantry.

Go through your pantry and cupboards and get rid of anything you don’t use. If you have any Tupperware boxes that have lost their lids, throw them away, as well as any expired food. To avoid bulky packaging, store pasta, rice, etc. in Mason jars—it not only keeps everything tidier, but also looks way prettier. Another great tip is to dedicate separate shelves for each type of food so that it’s all organized and easy to find.

7. Declutter your medicine cabinet.

Your bathroom cabinet is another area of your life that probably needs a little decluttering session. Go through the cabinet and get rid of any expired medications.

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