7 New Hobbies To Try This Month

Spring is finally here, and lately, we’ve been longing to shake it up and try a few new activities! The birds are chirping, the air is clear and we’re getting tired of the same old ways to occupy time. Luckily, our contributor, Chelsea Jackson of Hazel + Scout, is here to introduce a couple of new hobbies that we’re dying to try.

It’s kismet that the onset of nice weather happens to coincide with the time of the year that often finds me feeling the least motivated. Fresh off the wings of a lot of resolution hype and plans for the new year that mostly ended up being snowed in, I usually find myself feeling a little fried right about now. Thankfully, springtime is the perfect season to introduce new, exciting hobbies to your repertoire and shaking up your routine is one of the best ways to end up feeling refreshed and re-inspired!

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Keep reading for 7 new hobbies that you should definitely make time for this month:


I know, it seems that the days of staying up late and going dancing with your girlfriends are long gone, but hear me out. Dancing is so much fun and I don’t think we make enough time for it! Whether you’re cranking your favorite playlist and carving out 20 minutes from your schedule to dance the week out or you’re being really brave and attempting a local dance class (Zumba? Ballroom? Hip-hop?), dancing is definitely a hobby worth exploring.

Start a Blog or YouTube Channel

We might be a bit biased, but blogging is a fun and creative outlet! From setting up your perfect site (so many design choices!) to writing your first post or creating your first video and connecting with other creative ladies, there’s a ton of fun to be had in blogging and YouTube. The best part? No matter your interests, there are likely a ton of people online that are into the same things. You’ll always find your audience as long as you’re authentic and having fun. Bonus points if you can turn your hobby into a side hustle!

Go Thrifting

Let’s face it, most of us at Glitter Guide already love to shop! With amazing thrifters (like our muse Sarah Shabacon of Bohème Goods) inspiring us to get out and see what we can score, thrifting as a hobby has become something that sits right at the top of my list of things to try.

Memory Keeping

The idea of scrapbooking brings back terrible memories of a braces-clad teenager and less-than-visually-appealing word art, but there are so many fun ways to manage your memories these days. Keeping up with frequent photo books (I love Artifact Uprising’s books and they’re pretty fun to lay out) or using an app like 1 Second Everyday (I’ve been using this one this year and I’m OBSESSED) are perfect hobbies to jump into with longtime pay-offs for your family.

Start a Cooking Club

When I was a little girl, my mom was part of a neighborhood ladies group that met once a month to learn how to cook a new dish together and I always held onto the (fabulous!) idea for later in life. Cooking is so much fun, especially when you’re doing it with friends. Why not get your favorite girlfriends together once a month and take on a cool new recipe? In need of a little inspiration? Check out our recommendations for springtime dinner recipes to try.

Try Weaving

Over the last couple of years, I’ve played around with yarn weaving and it’s so much fun! I’m all for hobbies that allow for a little mindless downtime, and making things with your hands is ideal for zoning out alongside your guilty-pleasure TV show. Plus, you get a pretty wall hanging out of the deal!

Ephemera Collecting

I first started thinking of ephemera (aka memorabilia) collecting as a thing after seeing Ali LaBelle’s home tour. You know all of those adorable matchbooks that you pick-up at restaurants or that Glossier packaging that you just can’t let go of? Why not start a collection of your favorites. Scouring the web, antique stores and your daily life for cool new fonts or fun retro designs sounds like a super fun new hobby to try!

Need some inspiration for starting something yourself? Our founder Taylor is full of wisdom! Or looking for some channels for inspiration? Check out our 11 favorite British YouTubers.
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