3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Next Netflix Binge

Sometimes weekends are the perfect chance to go out and hit the town. Other times, though, you just want to stay in and relax. If you’re going to be posted up on the couch, chances are there will be some sort of streaming service on your TV. More and more people are using services like Netflix to fly through their favorite shows in a weekend…or even a day! If you’re going to be that dedicated to your binge-watch life, you better make sure you’re doing it right! Today, our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, has your best strategy to binge-watch like a pro.

Keep in mind that these rules don’t just apply to Netflix, of course! You can use them to binge-watch on Hulu, HBO Go and more!

Pick your poison, and get ready for a cozy time…

1. Make Your Choice

  • Do your research: There are plenty of articles about the best shows and movies (both coming and going) from every platform, so check those out to make sure you don’t miss out on a show you’ve been meaning to watch. Need some ideas of what to watch? Check out our list of #girlpower movies and shows to watch ASAP!
  • Make use of the algorithm: Many streaming services, including Netflix, will recommend shows based on things you have watched in the past. Start your search there and see if anything strikes your fancy.
  • Have a back-up: Just in case, have a second show or movie series on deck, just in case you start something and hate it. Once you’re comfy, you won’t want to have to move!

2. Get Settled

  • Choose the right room: If you’re prone to naps, stay out of the bedroom so you don’t fall asleep and miss an important moment! But, if you have noisy roommates and want to focus in, don’t watch in the most public room of the house either. Pick your spot wisely!
  • Pick the perfect outfit: Dress in comfortable thin layers so you can adjust your outfit if need be throughout your binge. We also recommend thick socks and lots of blankets for cuddling.
  • Make it a group event: If you do want to group-binge, grab your pals and ask for their recommendations on shows before diving in.

3. Be Snack-Ready

  • Variety is key: Balance sweet and salty snacks, plus throw in some healthier options to give you and your guests variety! You never know what you might have a taste for as the binge goes on.
  • Cleanliness: Avoid crumbly snacks or ones that leave residue on your fingers. You don’t want to be spilling everywhere or have Cheetos dust all over your couch/clothes at the end of the day. Easy to eat, easy to clean-up, lots of fun.
  • Theme: If you really want to go for it, you can pick your snacks based on the theme of the show you’re watching. For example, choose candies and snacks from your childhood while you’re watching “Stranger Things,” or have Olivia Pope-approved red wine and popcorn while you’re catching up on “Scandal” before the series finale.

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