Caitlin’s Summer Trader Joe’s Haul

Trader Joe’s is one of our favorite places to shop for everything from food and wine to flowers, and it’s chock-full of all of the above. Find out what our own Caitlin Kruse picked up on a recent trip to TJ’s. We’re sure you’ll want to add some of these goodies to your next grocery shopping list.

I’m a die hard Trader Joe’s shopper, whereas my husband still doesn’t get it. I’ll drive 10 miles further and pass three other grocery stores in order to get all of my Trader Joe’s favorites every week. I love that it always has my standby products (coconut milk, bags of organic avocados, frozen quinoa and rice), but all TJ’s shoppers share the same excitement about its seasonal products and new releases. Right now, I’m on a strict no dairy, egg, nut or fish diet while I breastfeed my daughter with severe allergies so my picks have definitely changed over the past few months. Here are some of my Trader Joe’s favorites for summer!


Cherries – I can’t get enough. I love to chill them on ice when entertaining. They are the perfect after-dinner treat in the summer.

Sliced Mango – Cutting mangos is no fun, so I pay the price for these pre-sliced chunks that my daughter and I love to eat (great dipped into vanilla yogurt with coconut, too)!

Organic Avocados – I love that these come in a bag. I go through an entire bag a week because it’s a “good fat” that I eat a lot of to help keep me full.

Cilantro Dressing – I love this dressing! I use it as a marinade, mix it with mayo to create a dip and, of course, have it on salads and burrito bowls. It’s also perfect for fish tacos in the summer!

Pre-Steamed Lentils – Such a great protein source to keep on hand. I use these in salads (Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lentil Tomato Salad is one of my favorite summer side dishes).

Guacamole Packs – I’ve been such a fan of these the past few months. We always have chips around so they make a great snack and I also use them when we have tacos, fajitas or burrito bowls.

Hummus – Another TJ’s staple is hummus, and you’ll always find at least two containers of it in my fridge. Right now, I use hummus in my lunch wraps with turkey and spinach.

Vegan Pesto – Though I sadly can’t eat this right now, Trader Joe’s Vegan pesto is AMAZING. We ate a container a week until I had to eliminate nuts from my diet. I love to eat it with chickpeas and cherry tomatoes and toss it with pasta, add it to sandwiches and wraps, and add a scoop to grain bowls as a sauce. However, my favorite thing to do with it is spread a layer on top of salmon and bake in the oven. You can also mix it with Greek yogurt to make a dip for veggies.

Oven Roasted Turkey + Salami – These are my standbys for sandwiches. I’ve done my research and TJ’s has the lowest prices in town, so I always stock up on a few packs of each every time I go.


Hemp Seeds – I just recently started getting these and toss them onto salads or in smoothies.

Lentil Pasta – I’m always trying to sneak in protein in my picky toddler’s diet and the easiest way is with Trader Joe’s gluten-free pasta options (we also like the quinoa and brown rice ones). They are best eaten right away, but I often drizzle them with olive oil and then include them in pasta salads that I’ll eat throughout the week and they hold up well.

Dried Mango – Addicted!

DIY Trail Mix – Because most trail mixes have nuts, I’ve been making my own with banana chips, coconut chips and chocolate chips (Trader Joe’s are dairy-free)! It’s such a good sweet treat for on-the -go.


Cauliflower Fried Rice – We eat this almost every week. I serve it with baked tofu or marinated chicken. When I was eating eggs, I’d always fry one up and add it—so filling and healthy.

Frozen Quinoa, Brown Rice, Jasmine Rice – You’ll always find one of these boxes in my freezer at all times. We go through a ton of rice in our family and I love the convenience of these microwavable pouches.

Acai Packs – I’m so happy Trader Joe’s finally started carrying acai! I love to add these to my smoothies or make bowls if I have extra time in the morning.

Croissants – Another one I can’t have right now, but the overnight croissants were always in our freezer. They are great to have on hand for last-minute guests or for a weekend treat.

Mushroom Medley – I love tossing this with pasta for a quick and indulgent dinner. It’s best with parmesan cheese on top!

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Author: Caitlin Kruse