This Photographer’s Serene Home Will Have You Moving To The PNW

Finding the beauty in all things is a wonderful trait to have, especially for a lifestyle and wedding photographer like Paige Jones, who lives in Portland, OR, with her husband, young son and a new baby on the way. While beauty might not be so obvious in some places, it’s easy to find it in her gorgeous home. From the vintage artwork and trinkets from her many travels to the half-painted green walls in her son’s bedroom, the earth tones throughout and open shelving (spoiler: she loves styling shelves), there’s literally beauty all around Paige’s serene and relaxing space. Her home has us dreaming of living in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by all of the area’s natural beauty, and we can’t wait for you to step inside and see it for yourself!

We’re so excited to share your beautiful home. What drew you to the Pacific Northwest?

My husband and I are originally from Southern California, but I attended college at Oregon State University. I was immediately struck by Oregon’s beauty and how incredibly friendly the people are that I quickly fell in love. When it came time for us to settle down and start a family, we really wanted to branch out and try something new, so we bought a house in Portland and have loved every minute of it.

House Wall Shelf // Bedding

Your son, Crosby is so cute! Can you tell us a little bit about the design process for his room? It is such a dreamy space.

We think he’s pretty darn cute, too! Designing Crosby’s “big boy” room has been such a fun project. When I worked on his nursery, I had to hold back a bit because I didn’t want anything to be too distracting while he was still learning how to sleep. Now that’s he’s older and developing a personality, it’s been fun to incorporate some of his favorite things into the space. I knew I still wanted something clean and simple, but now I could add some fun pops here and there, like a train set under the bed, and a vintage desk to draw and read. My personal favorite part of his room is the half-painted green wall. So much of our house is all white and I love it that way, but this brought some color and youthful energy into his room. And I love playing with the proportions of the space that the line creates.

You’re expecting your second baby soon! Congrats! How was it different designing a nursery the second time around? Did you learn anything from the process the first time?

Thank you so much, we are all very excited for baby Lou to get here! Crosby’s old nursery will become baby Lou’s nursery so the core pieces will remain the same, but I’m eager to switch up some art and add some personal touches for Lou once we know if it’s a girl or a boy (we’re keeping it a surprise)! As far as what I learned the first time around, I’d say that the biggest thing to think about is creating a calm and serene space for your baby, but also for yourself. The nursery is for you so much more than it’s for your baby at the beginning. I spent a lot of time in Crosby’s nursery, breastfeeding, snuggling, folding endless amounts of baby laundry…and it quickly became my favorite room in the house. We kept is simple with lots of plant life and earth tones and it was a truly relaxing space during rough transition into motherhood.

Do you have any tips for maintaining a minimal space with toddlers and fur babies around?

Oh my, this is something I have to work on every single day, especially being a working mother. It’s so easy for me to buy a new toy so I can send a few emails, style a quick shoot or whip up dinner (and I do this far more often than I’d like to admit). We’ve tried to get better about donating toys after some time has passed. When he’s older, I’d love to have him be a part of that process and pick things out to give to kids in need. A simple trick I’ve utilized is storage, especially beautiful baskets. Having a space for everything to be out of sight is such a relief and they add really nice texture to a room as well. Lastly, we are very lucky to have a basement where some of the larger play gyms and toys live and don’t disrupt our main living space.

You are a beautiful lifestyle and wedding photographer, tell us a bit about how you got into photography!

Thank you so much! I’ve had a passion for art and photography my whole life, I love finding the beauty in any and all things. I truly got serious about photography when I got to college. I couldn’t stop taking photos after being so inspired by Oregon and quickly realized that photography was my thing!

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on professionally?

That’s such a tough question! I’ve met so many incredible people through the years and built lifelong friendships through the wedding world. I took a trip to Africa by myself back in 2010 that completely changed me in the best way. But more recently, since becoming a mother, it’s been so fulfilling to work on projects with companies such as Solly Baby or Pom Pom Social. These companies truly care about creating real images and campaigns that depict an honest view of motherhood. They create a safe space for women to come together. And I’ve been so inspired by the women I’ve met, and the ladies who run those brands.

Talk to us about the artwork in your home. Any favorite spots to shop for wall décor?

The artwork is pretty minimal actually! We have a few vintage pieces here and there from local vintage shops. Some trinkets that we’ve collected from travels or that have been passed down from family members, and of course, lots of photographs. We do have a few prints here and there and one of my favorite artists is Christopher David Ryan. I love his playful, meaningful doodles. My other favorite piece is the Moms Need Moms prints by Naz Sahin that’s in my office. Truer words have never been spoken!

Large Window Bench // Small Window Bench // Accordion Wall Hook

Your office seems like such a serene space to work. What was your goal when creating that space?

Serenity was the goal! I knew that I needed lots of storage to keep things organized and I love the idea of open shelving because it forces me to keep things minimal—to only keep things that serve a purpose and are aesthetically pleasing. I spend a lot of time editing in my office, so it needs to be a space that I’m eager and happy to escape to. Lots of light, lots of plants and a cozy chair were key.

Do you have any favorite spots to shop online for unique home finds? What about budget finds?

We buy all of our rugs off of eBay. There are amazing vintage pieces online and they are hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying from a store. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have been a huge source for me as well. There are so many unique and gently used pieces out there, you just have to do some digging. For newer pieces, I love smaller shops online such as MÛR. Locally, we love Maven Collective and the The Yo! Store.

Chair // Rug // Desk

Do you have any secrets for a perfectly styled shelf?

I LOVE styling shelves. It’s so therapeutic for me, as odd as that sounds. Like photography, it’s all about composition. Pick out your favorite pieces to be displayed and work around them. Try to balance each side out and don’t be afraid to add some height and length (drooping plants, stacks of books, tall plants or flowers). Try and do something different, ditch the frame and just display your photos, showcase those adorable baby shoes you love so much, turn your books around so all you see are the pages. Have fun with it!

Does your style change much during pregnancy? Where are some of your favorite spots to shop for maternity clothes?

I’d say the biggest change is having to pack away all of my high-waisted jeans, very hard to let go of! The biggest advice I could give to anyone is to invest in a few pairs of Lululemon high-rise align pants. They will fit and support you the entire pregnancy and are wonderful for after you give birth as well. Also, don’t invest in too many “maternity” clothes. Lots of styles can fit during and after pregnancy. Dôen has some incredible pieces that are beautiful and comfortable, as well as Christy Dawn. They aren’t maternity brands but can definitely be worn throughout your pregnancy and after as well…worth the investment!

Can you share your current beauty regimen?

Unfortunately, this pregnancy has done a number on my face. I’ve had some extreme eczema brought on by the hormones that I’m battling daily. I’ve been trying to keep it at bay with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and eczema honey ointment. I’m also in the middle of an elimination diet to see if any foods are causing the flare-ups. Not very glamorous, but that’s the reality over here lately!

What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday?

Snuggled up at home with my family, cooking meals with Crosby and working on house projects. Just enjoying life and the little things.


Paige Jones – @paigejonesphoto

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Living Room

Rug (similar)
Large Window Bench
Small Window Bench
Accordion Wall Hook
Rattan Stool
Coffee Table
Storage Cabinets (customized)
Mantel Mirror (vintage)
Children’s Tool Bench
Rattan Swivel Chair (similar)
Firewood Holder/Planter
Wooden Candlestick Holders
Black Candlestick Holders
Metal Ladder
Shelf (custom)
Standing Lamp


Butcher Block
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Reading Nook (custom DIY)
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Mirror (spray-painted gold)
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You Send Me Banner

Crosby’s Room

Wall Cabinet
House Wall Shelf
Rug (similar)
Car Print
Desk (similar)
Alphabet Banner
Storage Basket (similar)
Train Set (similar)


Rug (similar)
Desk (DIY spray painted gold)
Gold Wall Hooks


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