An Event Designer’s Effortlessly Stylish San Diego Cottage

Charley Taylor


Charley Taylor, co-partner of the event design and coordination business, Revel, is a self-proclaimed professional party girl (but it’s not what you think). Between her work with Revel and for the boutique event rental and design company, Folklore Rentals, she spends her days creating short-term designs for clients throwing parties and other events. While her projects and work are always changing, one thing she hopes will be constant and forever is her home near San Diego. She’s renting the space for now, but hopes to buy this private and sunny bungalow one day. In this home tour, you’ll discover some of Charley’s favorite things—from a nearly 200-year-old brass bed to her must-have beauty products—and you’ll soon realize exactly why she wants this place to be her home forever. Step inside and enjoy!

Tell us about your space! Is this your forever home?

My house is tucked away on a hill in Vista, CA, about 15 miles northeast of San Diego. We’re surrounded by fruit trees and get daily visits from rabbits and just about every type of bird. I tend to get teased for being so inland by my friends who live closer to the beach, but I would take the privacy and nature over the hustle any day. It’s a rental for now, but I hope to buy it one day—it’s the perfect little sunny bungalow.

What was the hardest part about designing the space?

My giant orange velvet sofa, which I love, but it’s a challenge having to design around orange. It was my starting point for the entire house, a gift from my bosses when I first moved in. It’s a fun challenge though, as it’s forced me to go in a direction that wouldn’t have been typical for me. Because my house is black and white, I included a lot of rattan and brass pieces to blend the funky orange without making it look too retro.

Side Table

We love the fun mix of modern + vintage vibes you have going on. Are there any special vintage pieces you especially treasure?

My brass bed that has been in my family for almost 200 years. It’s a full, it’s ridiculously tiny, but I love it and will never get rid of it. I inherited a lot of family heirlooms and antiques from my father. I also inherited his inability to let anything sentimental go.

You have some great rugs in your home. Any secret spots you love for finding those unique textiles?

There is the sweetest man and his two sons that frequent the LA and San Diego flea markets. They have the most incredible collection of rugs from all around the world. If you’re not in Southern California, you can find spectacular rugs and textiles from some of the sellers on Etsy!

Dining Table // Rug

What are your three best tips for styling a small space?

The first thing is being extremely selective with anything you bring into your space, from the large pieces of furniture to the pots that the plants are in. When you have a small home, you can’t afford to have anything take up real estate that you’re not in love with or doesn’t work in your space.

It’s important to start with a mood board or Pinterest page and refer to this when you’re adding or replacing something so you stay consistent. I constantly daydream about pieces that I’m in love with but just won’t work with everything else.

Lastly, don’t over-style or clutter any areas, if you choose the right pieces, you’ll be able to do a lot more with less. When in doubt, add plants! You can never have enough and it will fill the space without feeling cluttered.

Are you a DIY girl when it comes to designing your home?

I am! I have so many projects on my to do list. I love working with my hands and customizing things myself. The last project I completed was painting my bed frame black and bringing the brass knobs back to life. My next endeavor is replacing the legs on my coffee table for something a little more modern.

Your living room feels really inviting even though it’s small. Any favorite spots to shop for cozy furniture that won’t break the bank?

I have always loved flea markets and thrift stores, and those will invariably be my go-to sources to find items I will have in my home forever. That being said, I am a lover of new and modern as well. IKEA will probably forever be one of my favorite sources for affordable, well-designed items that always receive compliments from guests.

You work in the creative industry, tell us about what you do!

I have an event design and coordination business, Revel, that I started with my best friend last year. I also work for a boutique event rental and design company, Folklore Rentals. I’m basically a professional party girl! I love short-term designs, getting to create something temporary and do something completely different the next week.

What’s your favorite thing about working with the San Diego creative community?

There are just so many amazing creative people here, especially women. The women I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with aren’t only unbelievably creative and talented, but they’re also truly inspiring business people. The drive and work ethic of the creatives in our community constantly keep me motivated and inspired. Most importantly, I have always felt encouraged and supported by the community here. There’s room for everyone and I definitely feel lucky to be a part of something that’s inclusive. It’s a continuous goal of mine to make sure that I’m being just as uplifting and supportive. Amazing things happen when women come together!

How do you take your coffee?

Iced Americano, black. I have one every single morning, without fail.

What three beauty products can’t you live without?

That’s actually really hard for me! Skincare and makeup is a huge passion and hobby of mine. Sukari Babyfacial from Drunk Elephant has completely transformed my skin. It’s an exfoliating mask I use once a week and nothing has ever made my face softer or smoother. I also need my Glossier Boy Brow, and my Beautyblender. Healthy, glowing skin and bold eyebrows are pretty much all I need to feel put together.


Charley Taylor – @charleymtaylor

Photos by Kelly Fondots – @kellyfondots

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