What To Pack For Palm Springs

Traveling is something we all love to do here at Glitter Guide, but we often spend so much time packing (and overpacking) that we forget to focus on the exciting trip ahead. We’ve found that having a clear list of what items to bring depending on where we are going helps speed up the packing process and leaves us feeling relaxed and ready for an amazing upcoming trip, so we decided to share our must-pack lists with you in a new series of posts that focus on what to put in your luggage for a variety of different locations, starting with Palm Springs. So take note and get packing!

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pack for palm springs

  1. Palm Springs Maillot Swimsuit
  2. Ray-Ban Icons 50mm Round Metal Sunglasses
  3. Beatrice Valenzuela Monocolor Sandalia
  4. Westminster Jumpsuit
  5. Sienna Ruffled Blouse
  6. Helene Golden Wrap Shorts
  7. Ruth Hat
  8. ‘Perfectly Victorian’ Minidress
  9. Straw Circle Tote
  10. Tangier Woven Oxford
  11. Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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