6 Tips For Natural Beauty Sleep

The topic of beauty sleep is nothing new. We’re always hearing about this tip or that trick to help you fall asleep. But what about better sleep? So many of us don’t even realize that just because we managed to fall asleep, our bodies aren’t getting the rest they need. Add that on top of other daily stressors, pollution, chemicals and your whole well-being can suffer. If you want to get better beauty sleep, read on.

1. Make it a sleep sanctuary

Have you ever heard that your bedroom should only be used for sleeping and sex? It’s true. Scientists have researched sleep activity and published in the Journal of Sleep Research that you’ll have better sleep if you only use your bed for those two activities. If you snack in bed, work in bed, etc, your body doesn’t transition as well from awake to asleep.

2. Ditch the screens

We know, we like scrolling Instagram before bed, too. Or maybe you’re also addicted to falling asleep to the sound of “The Office” reruns? Screens inhibit your body’s ability to turn off completely. Keep the TV and laptop out of the bedroom and turn off your phones at least an hour before you want to fall asleep.

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3. Keep it comfy

Try keeping your bedroom at a cool 60-68 degree temperature. This is where your body is the most comfortable for sleeping. We all know how hard it is to sleep when we’re overly warm or cold, so find the right temperature for you. Your bedding will make all the difference, too. We love linen bedding for this purpose and find it helps us have a cozier night’s sleep with less tossing and turning.

4. Create a nightly routine

Whether it’s a luxurious skincare regimen, a hot cup of sleepy time tea or a few minutes of meditation, find your routine and stick with it. Our systems crave routine in order to function at our best. When you’ve completed your routine, it helps your system understand the next step in the process and you’ll fall asleep faster and better.

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5. Cut back on the caffeine and the wine

We know, it’s not like you’re knocking back Red Bull and vodka before bed, right? While alcohol might seem like a solution for sleep, it actually messes with your REM cycle and will actually leave you feeling more tired throughout the following day.

6. Put Fido in his own bed

As much as you want to cuddle them, sleeping with pets in your bed is another disturbance of REM sleep. Train your furry children to sleep in their own beds and everyone will get a better night’s rest.

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  • It’s funny you posted this, because I was literally wondering yesterday if the whole “only sleep in your bed” thing was actually scientifically proven, or if it was just an urban legend. Thanks for sharing!

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