10 Ways To Incorporate More Fitness Into Your Week

incorporate fitness

When life gets busy, as it so often does, it’s easy to let your workout fall by the wayside. Compared to things like work and side hustles, it doesn’t seem as important. Compared to things like Netflix binges or dinner with friends, it doesn’t seem as fun. But fitness is important not just for your physical health, but your mental and emotional well-being too! You just have to make the time!

So, to help you get started, here are 10 simple ways get more fitness into your schedule…

  1. Know what moves you: Do you have a specific event you want to get in shape for? A dress you want to fit into? A fitness goal to achieve? By figuring out what is motivating you to make these fitness changes now, you’ll be able to hone in on what you need to stay motivated. Even a mini goal will help you stay on target!
  2. Schedule your workouts on Monday: Often, workouts go to the bottom of the to-do list or get kicked off altogether. Schedule what workouts you’ll be doing, as well as what time and what day you’ll be doing them. Plan these at the start of the week, write them down and stick to the plan!
  3. Go to bed earlier: This might seem counterproductive because it will give you less time in the evening, but it makes sense in the long run. You’ll be more rested and have more energy for your workouts the next day. Plus, you can get an earlier start in the morning!
  4. Stand while you work: This is a no-brainer! Get a standing desk at work, or work at the counter of your office’s kitchen. If you work from home, take calls at your kitchen counter or do squats every hour to keep yourself moving even during those more sedentary times.
  5. Get your steps in: Our phones, watches and fitness apps make it easy to count our daily steps. Set a goal (we recommend 10,000 or more) and make sure you hit it. Even if it means taking the stairs, walking to dinner or running in place while you watch your favorite show. This is a small way to stay active.
  6. Get creative and adventurous: Doing the same workout can get monotonous day after day, so mix it up! Try classes at a local studio, download an app like ClassPass or keep an eye out for fitness events in your area. Doing something new will keep your workouts exciting!
  7. Spend time outside: It’s summer, so take advantage! Instead of doing that ab workout in your living room, do it in a local park. Instead of running on the treadmill, run (or walk or bike!) on a local trail. Just get out in the fresh air and sunshine!
  8. Make a workout date: If you haven’t seen one of your friends in a while or need to carve out time to spend with your significant other, combine it with workout time. There are plenty of classes and group workouts that will help you get active while you catch up. Plus, it will be a fun bonding experience to get through a tough workout together!
  9. Find the right apps: There’s literally an app for everything now. Goal setting. Guided yoga and meditation. Couch to 5K. Pick your poison and use it to fuel your next workout!
  10. Reward yourself! Whatever you love most, be it new gym attire or a fancy dinner out or a spa day—treat yourself! But only after you hit one of your goals. After all, you deserve it!
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