5 Outfits Carrie Bradshaw Would Totally Wear Today

Carrie Bradshaw

We can’t think of a bigger style icon from television than Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City.” Carrie made us all want to branch out with fashion. Her looks were inspirational in every sense of the word and she changed the face of high-end brands. She had a way of mixing different styles and making them look so natural. We all wish we could see how Carrie dresses now, so we decided to pick five looks that we think Carrie would totally rock today!

Carrie made the pink tulle tutu famous, so she’d definitely rock the over-the-top frill that we’re seeing today. Carrie would also love this look with a pair of sport sneakers or beat-up cowboy boots.

Sometimes Carrie would wear a simple look but make it look effortlessly stylish. Whether it was her accessories, shoes or her handbag, she would find a way to make it POP.

The ’90s are back in a huge way, and you bet Carrie would be reimagining her ’90s looks in a modern way. We can totally see her wearing this with her big wavy blonde hair, her ‘Carrie’ necklace and sporty sandals.

The ’90s grunge is popping back up. This reminds us of a look Carrie would wear to run some quick errands in the fall. She’d somehow make sweats look incredibly cool.

Carrie is someone who could make an insane-looking piece all of a sudden look wearable. We could totally see her rocking a huge pink puffer coat.



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