A Surfer-Chic San Diego Bungalow

Regina Moomjean’s home that she shares with her husband and son is the epitome of California cool, featuring a laid-back energy similar to that of a modern-day surf shack. It is chock-full of beach- and surf-inspired items, and its natural light, tons of plants and pops of bright colors instantly create a feel-good and positive vibe in every room. Regina, who works in merchandising for Pigment, also loves all-things vintage and unique pieces that tell a story and have a deeper meaning. Needless to say, everything about this surfer-chic home is one-of-a-kind, and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. Catch a wave and enjoy the ride!

Your house is so much fun! How would you describe your décor aesthetic?

How about Tarzan and Jane living in modern-day California? Ha! Just kidding…really though, my style is always changing. I love to channel what inspires me, and to be honest, I’m just inspired by SO much, it’s hard to categorize myself and my style. But there are a few core things I’m always attracted to…vintage items (usually from the ’60s and ’70s), anything that feels surf-inspired, clean lines, loads of natural light and pops of bright and vibrant colors. And, of course, a ton of plants! In general, I just want to be surrounded by things that I love and things that make me happy. I’m a collector at heart so my house is full of small vignettes that tell stories and have deep personal meaning.

Your husband is a big surfer, and living in San Diego you obviously get to enjoy the beach. How do you guys incorporate the coastal lifestyle into your home?

When we moved to this house a few years ago, I really wanted it to feel like both Bryan and myself. We had a blank slate and I was really searching for ways that we could both identify with our beautiful new home that was conveniently located only 8 minutes from La Jolla shores (win!). The ocean and beach have always been a common ground for he and I, and a place we both feel happy and at home. Let’s face it, before Marley came along I was basically a surf widow. So I wanted to channel the laid-back energy of a modern-day surf shack. My brother-in-law, Dominic, is a surfboard shaper and we have two of his boards on display in our home, so right off the bat, those really set the tone. I’m a huge lover of art and photography and have images all over the house of the ocean—bright and airy prints from Max Wanger and Arielle Vey, a very special family heirloom painted by my great-grandfather of a ship at sea and even a few of my own paintings. There are details in each nook and cranny, so we’ve got shells on display from the various countries we’ve visited, and little nods to the sea everywhere you look. I’m also channeling my own fusion of Elvis’ Jungle room and a Hawaiian tiki lounge in our dining room; it’s basically a shrine to Hawaii and the ocean, where I’ve displayed my collection of vintage Hawaiian records, coffee table surf books, Sex Wax and hula dolls.

In addition to a killer house, you’re also a mama and merchandising manager for one of our favorite stores, Pigment! How did you land there and what got you into merchandising?

Since I can remember, like literally forever, I’ve lived for display and arrangement. As young as elementary school, my mom and dad remember joking that maybe someday I’d be a furniture mover because I was constantly rotating the layout of my room. By middle school, I was dragging my bed across my room alone at 10 p.m., color coding my closet and arranging all of my accessories and jewelry on plates and rocks. My friends always told me, “your room is like a store!” In short, I think it’s what I was born to do! I get so much joy from making arrangements and putting together displays—it’s such an amazingly creative process. I see what I do as a huge opportunity for artistic expression. You are playing with color and shape and composition every day—all concepts I studied in art school—and it’s seriously such an inspiring job! I’ve now been with Pigment for a little over four years. I remember the first time I walked in thinking it was the best store I ever saw. I’m forever grateful to a good girlfriend of mine that just happened to hear of a merchandiser position opening and knew how much I loved the store, and got me connected for an interview. It was such a lucky and meant-to-be moment! I’m looking forward to many, many years of making magic there, because it’s seriously my dream job!

How is it different sourcing for your home vs. sourcing for Pigment?

For my house, I’m oftentimes looking for one-of-a-kind vintage items. I’ve got a few pieces in my home that come from big stores like West Elm or Living Spaces, etc, but to be honest, my favorite items are ones I’ve found in antique and consignment shops. When looking for the store, I’m always looking for brands that similarly feel one-of-a-kind, but are up-and-coming and make nods to the past much like those one-of-a-kind items I find in my vintage and consignment shopping. Current brands that have ’70s-inspired kids clothing or beautiful plant hangers that are handmade locally but remind me of what I see in old films are where it’s at for me. So really, the process feels more similar than different. Anything I see out in the world that I am loving past or present, I do my best to find in the wholesale realm so we can bring it to our customer.

You’re pretty amazing at styling a wall or shelf. Any tips for getting that picture-perfect look?

For me, it’s all about finding that one thing that is going to be the driver of the rest of your display or shelf in your home. It could be a beautiful painting, a book, even something as small as a trinket dish that you just really LOVE. I always say, start there! Overall, I’m always looking for a common thread and a collection—items that naturally make sense together help tell a story and that’s what I am always trying to do. You want to display it because you love it. Why do you love it? The colors? The shape? The memory it represents? Particularly in my home, I don’t want anything on a shelf that doesn’t make me happy. I display for myself and for my boys. I know that most of the things I notice, others might not, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s our home and our story. Even if it’s something totally weird, if you love it, put it on display in your home! In addition, of course, my decorating recipe always includes living elements, usually a few plants and fresh flowers! Having those organic elements included really softens the look of a shelf of display whether it’s at home, in the shop or anywhere in between!

How has your home décor evolved since becoming a mama?

Mainly all the plants went up (yep, I’m totally rolling my eyes right now…). I had so many low plants in my home and now I barely have any. They are all hanging from the ceiling or elevated on tables and shelving. Every once and a while, I’ll get daring and put one low and it’s only a minute or two before he discovers it. I can’t get anything past that little boy! I’ve learned to leave bottom shelves virtually empty, or with just one or two items that I don’t mind getting dragged around the house, because let’s be honest, it happens allll dayyyy lonnnng. Knowing that toys and everything that comes with having a little one are bound to be strewn everywhere, I’ve invested in a ton of cute oversized baskets and bins that help for a quick clean up when guests are coming over. They are a life-saver! It’s also been a great way to teach him about cleaning up—we’ve turned it into a game! We also use large panels of acrylic for baby gates. That way, it’s clear so you barely notice them and we can block off whole areas like behind the couch or in front of the fireplace. That was my husband’s brilliant idea! It definitely hasn’t been easy, and I can’t wait for the day I get to bust out all of my coffee table books again, but for now…it’s just what life is!

Surf Tapestry // Rocking Horse

Tell us about Marley’s room. You must have the inside scoop on some great kid’s brands. Any favorites?

I feel like Marley’s room is my constant work in progress! I started so late in my pregnancy because I kept having conflicting conceptual ideas and couldn’t commit to which one I liked best. But in the end, the direction was easy. It is our dream to raise Marley at the beach, and because of that, I loved the idea of his room channeling that hope. He’s our little lost boy and I wanted his room to feel wild, yet refined. Chill, yet energetic. The colorful Society6 tapestry hanging above his Babyletto crib (one of my favorite pieces in his room) invites you right in and brings some gorgeous colors into the room. Another special item in his nursery is his “Mini Moom” handcrafted Affinita surfboard, a radical scaled-down version of Bryan’s signature surfboard that my brother-in-law made. It is gorgeous! Other favorite brands are everything Roxy Marj does for Crate and Kids (formerly The Land of Nod), Gathre playmats, Lennon+Birdie prints and Maileg, whose stuffed animals have completely stolen my heart (I don’t think Marley cares much, but I can’t stop buying them). I’m also a sucker for Cotton On’s kids section. Its clothing and products are so affordable and I love the prints. I’ve always got my eye out for new children’s brands—there is so much out there! I’ve got to say, out of every section in the shop, kids is probably one of my very favorite to both merchandise and buy for.

Let’s talk plants. Pigment is obviously known for its plant lab, but you do a great job of incorporating them into your home décor. Any tips for styling your greenery?

Some say less is more, but personally, I beg to differ! With plants, more is more. I’ll never stop buying them—they give so much energy and life to a room! We’ve got a living wall trailing down our dining room wall that I am absolutely gaga for. I am already trying to figure out where we can put a second in the house. It literally feels like we’re sitting outside when we’re at the dining table, and I freakin’ love that. Some plants (like pothos) are insanely easy to take care of—I grew up with them and my mom would go weeks without watering them sometimes and you’d never know. Knowing each plant’s light and water preferences is critical, but once you get it down, I’ve found watering day to be a cathartic process. Marley already has his own watering can and I’m teaching him young—how else am I supposed to water more than 50 houseplants? But really, as far as styling I say put at least two in every room of your house, and play with scale too—some understated and others great big, towering over a chair or near a dresser. Just incorporating a few in each room will drastically change your space!

Surfboard // Split Leaf Philodendron

Which area in your home would you consider your sanctuary?

Probably our bedroom. I love that we’ve got a view over the canyon right outside of our window. I’ve created a little seating area with my grandparents’ couch I inherited that overlooks the patio and makes me feel like I’m sitting outside. The light is warm and bright and it’s one of the few places in the house I have a prayer at keeping clean! I have my jewelry and accessories neatly displayed because they are far out of Marley’s reach (for now!) and it’s just a nice place to get ready and pamper myself a little. Not to mention, my walk-in closet is in our room, which, like Carrie Bradshaw, was pretty much the only thing I really cared about when looking for this home. It’s a very special place.

Current favorite beauty brands?

I’m a die-hard Dry Bar fan. Its products smell so amazing and I am completely addicted to them. I use them almost exclusively for my hair. I also love Kai products because of the intoxicating smell—they make me think I’m in Hawaii. I just recently got the deodorant and it’s amazeballs! I’ve also recently been using Frank Body coffee scrub in the shower and I’m really loving it. Glossier is always a favorite and lastly, all of us girls at Pigment adore a local brand called Beaute Nouveau. The products are heavenly!

Dresser (similar) // Round Mirror // Baby It’s You Tapestry

3 clothing items you could never live without?

This is a tough one. I LOVE fashion, but as an avid vintage collector, the top three items I’m always looking for and can’t seem to stop buying are embroidered Mexican dresses (I probably have 15-20, they are so much fun, not to mention easy and perfect for beach days!); kimonos (my grandma was 100 percent Japanese, so maybe she influenced me young. I’ve been on the kimono train since I can remember, but I’m wild about the prints and they are such an effortlessly boho chic item to really amp up your outfit); and hoops (I probably own 20 pairs. I’ve recently been wearing a rattan pair nonstop, but I love hoops more than anything and they are just so damn good lookin’!).



Photography by @evmeg






Bullet Planter

Bar Stools (similar)

Macrame Plant Hanger

Spider Plant

Pothos Plant

Living Room

Over the Rainbow Print

Russel Woodard Planter

Rug (similar)

Pineapple Lamp


Vintage Afghan

Dining Room

Living Wall Planters

Dining Table

Rattan Shelf

Swing Chair

Marley’s Room

Crib (similar)

Woodie Car

Surf Tapestry

Rocking Horse

Max Wanger Print



Split Leaf Philodendron

Bed (similar)

Dresser (similar)

Round Mirror

Baby It’s You Tapestry

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