7-Day Fall Self-Improvement Challenge

If you are anything like us here at Glitter Guide, you consider each new season a new start—the perfect chance to improve certain aspects of your life. Now that summer is pretty much over, we’re encouraging you to make some positive changes to your own self and life this September, as it not only marks the beginning of fall, but is also self-improvement month. To help you with this, our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here with a 7-day self-improvement challenge we think everyone should take on this month. Let us know how it goes for you!

fall self improvement

Monday: Get a solid morning routine

If you start your day off on the wrong foot, it’s hard to recover. But let’s be honest, most of us start our morning by hitting snooze and then scrolling on Instagram for so long that we’re almost late for work. Stop that bad habit! Create a morning routine and (here’s the key)…stick to it.

Whether that’s putting your phone on airplane mode until you get out of bed to prevent mindless scrolling or having lemon water ready at your bedside or even creating a morning playlist to get you moving, do whatever works for you! If you need more ideas, we love what Lauryn Evarts from Skinny Confidential recommends.

Tuesday: Find your center

We have talked about the importance of meditation in the past, and it really is a great way to de-stress and even set goals. Start by taking 10 minutes every other day to meditate and clear your mind. You’ll be surprised how good you feel afterwards!

Wednesday: Upgrade your skincare

We can NOT say enough about getting a skincare regimen started in your 20s and sticking to it for years to come. Your products will change with the seasons and with your age, but there are certain habits you should never break.

Those include taking your makeup off before you go to bed, finding a great eye cream (we love this one from Clinique) and doing regular face masks. You can even do a face mask or sheet mask while you meditate to double up on your self-care! These Sheet Masks from JJ Young are an inexpensive place to start.

Thursday: Motivate your next workout

What motivates you to get moving? Treating yourself to a great meal at the latest restaurant? Indulging in a weekend massage? Or purchasing new workout gear, maybe? Use this to help motivate you on the days when hitting the gym is the last thing on your mind.

This spring, I started rewarding myself with a new workout or athleisure item every time I worked out 5 days a week. Knowing those Aviator Nation tanks (so comfortable and cute!) would soon be mine kept me honest about signing up for an extra spin class or waking up just a bit early to run.

Friday: De-clutter to de-stress

Stay in on Friday and do a purge. Not in the creepy way, but in the “Do I really need this?” way. Take on your closet, desk, kitchen and closets. Especially if you have lived in your apartment or home for a while, things pile up! Clean out anything that doesn’t bring you joy or have a concrete use in your life. Then, organize the rest. You’ll head into the weekend feeling lighter in all kinds of ways!

Saturday: Take time away from the screens

We spend too much time in front of screens. It’s just a fact. From TVs to computers to our phones and beyond, our eyes are constantly fixed on technology. On the weekends though, it’s time to take a break! Make plans with friends where you commit to leave your phones in your purse. Read a book (not on a tablet!). Take a walk with your mom or bestie! Finding quiet time away from technology should be an everyday pursuit, but you can start small on the weekends.

Sunday: Prep for the next week

You did it! You made changes, streamlined your life and improved! Use Sunday to rest and plan for another successful week ahead. None of these changes will mean anything if you don’t stick with them. So, plan your workout and meditation schedule for the upcoming week to make the most of that time. Check in with friends to plan time to hang (sans phones) during the next week and stay off screens as much as you can. Embrace Sunday, and fall, to its fullest!

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Author: Samantha Welker

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