Why We Visit Ojai Valley Inn And Spa Every Single Year


For the past four years, I’ve been traveling to Ojai, California. While Ojai has been gaining more and more popularity, it’s still a place many Californians don’t really know about. The most common question I get asked is: Why Ojai? So this year, when we visited with our family, I kept that question in mind our entire visit. What is it about this place that keeps us coming back time and time again?

The main reason is easy. It’s the resort we stay at: The Ojai Valley Inn. This resort is one of our favorite places to visit, ever. My family looks forward to it every single year! Not only is it gorgeous and picturesque, but it’s filled with simple delights that really make us enjoy our time there.

My friends at Ojai Valley Inn are offering you 15% off your stay using the code “GG2018” at checkout. Valid for stays SundayThursday, excluding holidays till December 31st. 

First golf cart ride of our stay 

My kids love the golf cart rides around the property. Sounds simple, but ask them what their favorite part of the trip was and the golf cart shuttle is always at the top of the list. All around the hotel you will find pickup areas where the shuttles will swiftly pick you up and take you to your location. I have to say, even as an adult, I find it really enjoyable.

The rooms are so great for families, too. The past two years, we’ve opted for suites so we can have a room for the kids to sleep in. Every room we’ve stayed in has been amazing. One of my daughter’s favorite parts is the kid beds. You can request a small toddler-style bed that has cartoon character sheets, princesses and more. It makes it really exciting for my daughter and she actually can’t wait to get into her special bed at night (that’s a huge plus!).

Both pools at Ojai Valley Inn are so fun! This year, we never left the Pixie Pool. We played there for most of our stay, which was fine by me because it’s actually a super cool pool that’s family-friendly. There’s a baby pool, a jacuzzi and a huge pool with floats and toys for the kids to enjoy. The food is also so good! Every day, I order a smoothie and the arugula burrata salad, and the kids love the fries and the pizza. It’s super convenient to play at the pool most of the afternoon and be able to order a lunch we actually really love. Sometimes I get a rosé if I really feel like relaxing, but with kids, there isn’t a ton of that.

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One morning during our trip, my husband plays golf. He has had some of his best golf scores there. He attributes it to being really relaxed and happy!

There are a lot of places we enjoy heading out to in Ojai (see last year’s post), but mainly we enjoy the resort so much we hardly ever leave. We always have our first dinner at The Oak. Since we often travel with another family, we will bring a bottle of wine and activities for the kids. You overlook the trees and rolling hills and it’s truly magical. Plus, the restaurant is so good about our wild kids and the mess they make. They never make us feel uncomfortable. That is a huge plus in my book and a big reason we enjoy eating there for so many meals.

Dinner at The Oak 2015 / 2018

The spa is incredible, as you could probably guess. I don’t splurge on a session every visit, but I have before and it’s totally worth it. You can also relax at the spa pool during your session. It’s a great way to take a break if you’re traveling with kids.

Quiet morning moment 

I think when I look back at our visits at Ojai Valley Inn, the thing I cherish the most is our evenings on the large rolling hill at sunset. Each night, there is a sign up that tells you when the pink sky will be up. After dinner, we head there with a s’mores kit and make them over one of the little fire pits on the hill. The resort is so good about just letting all the kids run wild on the hill. They play with golf balls, do somersaults down the hill and chase the wild bunnies, while the parents get to sit back (preferably with a glass of wine) and mingle with the other families. It’s seriously the most special thing about this place. I look around and think, this is magic. This year, another parent brought a Stomp Rocket for the kids to play with. It was a HUGE hit, and I was majorly impressed that the resort allows the parents to just be out there doing fun things with tons of kids. We all sat out there watching the kids have a blast until the sky turned dark.

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Roasting s’mores

Chasing wild bunnies at sunset 

So, when it comes to picking a reason why we visit this resort every single year, I can’t pick just one. It’s all these simple delights that make our stay so memorable. I’m majorly into traditions and this has definitely become one that may family looks forward to every year.

A few more things to do around the resort: 

  • Rent the free Linus bikes and cruise around the property. It’s a great way to see all the beautiful landscapes.
  • Bring your kids’ scooters. My daughter loves riding around and exploring.
  • Check the schedule of events and book things for your kids to do at Camp Oak.
  • Take a look at the recreation guide for fun activities that are planned each season.

My friends at Ojai Valley Inn are offering you 15% off your stay using the code “GG2018” at checkout. Valid for stays SundayThursday, excluding holidays till December 31st. 

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*This is not a sponsored post. We sometimes do a trade on our stay, but also pay for our stay and many things we do while staying at the resort. We go time and again because we truly love it. 

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