An Illustrator’s Historic Oklahoma City Home

Brittany Viklund

One look at illustrator, blogger and mama Brittany Viklund‘s Oklahoma City home is enough to see that it’s not only full of amazing details and objects, but also of love. The space, which she shares with her husband, two children, three cats and one dog, features the perfect combination of original character (it was built in 1926) with modern and eclectic décor with a Southwest flair. We love everything about this home—from the greenery, the large chalkboard wall, the abundant natural light and all of the DIY projects throughout, and we are sure you will fall in love with it, too. Step right in and enjoy!

Tell us about your beautiful home. We love how much natural light you get!

Our house was built in 1926. It’s in a historic district in Oklahoma City right down the street from the state capitol. Our home is 1,450 square feet, which is the perfect amount of cozy for a family of four and four pets (3 cats, one dog). Both the interior and exterior of our home has most of the original features with a few updates. The wood floors creak, there are cracks in the plaster walls, the interior doors have glass knobs and keyholes (but no keys) and it’s the best first home we could have ever asked for. It’s on a corner lot so the light pours into the windows, and it’s a total dream.

How would you describe your home’s style?

Thoughtfully eclectic! When styling spaces in our home and making it ours, we wanted to honor the original character of the house. We styled our living spaces with pieces that are both functional and meaningful. Art pieces and decorations reflect who we are (places we have lived, things we love and so forth) and our current style. Since we live in the Southwest and I grew up in the Southwest, our home style also includes a touch of Southwest flair.

Rug (similar) // Coffee table (similar)

What is your favorite room in your home? Why?

I absolutely adore our living room. It’s a multifunctional space that connects to the nursery so it serves our family in multiple ways throughout the day. In the morning (if I can wake up before the babies), I like to sit on my Article Emil lounge chair, in its serene little window corner, with coffee or tea and read or journal—or just be. After the babies are awake, our living space turns into their domain. We have toys and books around in baskets and our Article Amoeba coffee table even doubles as a toddler table with a pair of garage-sale-find mini chairs posted up at it. We all love to listen to music, so our favorite records are displayed on rotation and rarely is music not playing in there. After the babies are in bed for the night, my husband and I decompress by watching Netflix on our comfy sectional before bed. To me, it’s the true definition of a living room. I swear it has a pulse.

We love the greenery in your home! What’s your favorite way to incorporate plants into your décor?

I love everything about plants—the life they bring into our home, the way they purify air and how they do their own thing as they grow. I opt for plants that are lower-maintenance (cacti, succulents, etc) because well, that’s about all I have time for.

Decanter (similar) // Dining Table (similar) // Bistro Chairs

Your chalkboard wall is so cool! How do you incorporate it into your home life?

Thank you! Ah, we have so much fun with our chalkboard wall! We’ve had it for about a year and over the course of that year, we have found many fun ways to utilize it. Last Thanksgiving, it had a list of things we were grateful for. For my son’s first birthday and the holidays, it displayed a forest of evergreens. On Valentine’s Day, I scripted out a poem that my husband had written me a few years ago. I love that it allows me to mix up our décor in a fun and easy way, but that we can also use it for lists (like when we had our plan for our kitchen remodel drafted out top to bottom)—and ongoing games of hangman.

You’re an illustrator, blogger and a mama. How do you manage your business and motherhood?

I think “balance” may be too generous of a word for me. I am always *trying* to find balance because I love to do so many things, but most of all, my babies are my number one. I find things that excite me and run with them. I know that for me personally, when I am excited enough, I find the time and space to make anything happen. This has been important to learn and understand about myself since becoming a mother. I’ve been working on being more selective with what I take on and what I do not.

How do you juggle your work life and home life when you work from home?

The lines are frequently crossed, but I keep notepads full of lists and ideas around me everywhere, plus a planner. I have also set parameters around when I don’t work. This allows me to pick up a project whenever I can, but I’m also very committed to protecting my weekend nights as “no-work times.” I find having clear “non-working” times gives me the freedom to creatively find opportunities to tackle work when I am home. Oh, and having a fancy-ish coffee maker is a work-at-home mama’s greatest gift when you need a little extra fuel.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or décor in your home?

I really, really love our record display that my husband built. About 3 years ago my husband gifted me a 1960’s vintage record player for my birthday and since then we have been in love with building our record collection. Last summer, I asked my husband to build a set of narrow ledges on an 8×4 piece of plywood as a space to display our records and he lovingly obliged. I enjoy mixing up the records on display for a fresh new look in our living room at any moment. During the holidays, the wall hosts our favorite holiday records; from *NSYNC Home for Christmas to Bing Crosby to Christmas with the Chipmunks and, of course, Mariah Carey.

Do you have a DIY project that you’re most proud of in your home?

Without a doubt—our kitchen! When we moved into our home 3 years ago, the kitchen had been renovated, but I always knew I wanted to modernize it and update it to feel more spacious. We cook about 95 percent of the meals we eat, so this space is important to our lifestyle. We knew we wanted to do it ourselves and on a low budget ($1k). We dragged our feet until about 60 days before our second baby was due, when my husband suddenly had the impulse to start ripping out the cabinets. We only made cosmetic changes and completed it all within 4 weekends, but the difference has been incredible! We subway-tiled two of the walls, swapped cabinets for espresso-stained open shelving, updated the light fixtures, painted the walls & ceiling white and traded the massive over-the-stove microwave for a range hood and smaller countertop microwave. It still blows our mind how such simple changes have made the space feel five times larger and overall more compatible with our style.

Any kid brands you’re loving right now?

My boys love books, cars and stuffed animals, and I’m a former early childhood educator, so I love anything that serves open-ended play (i.e. anything from Rose & Rex). We seriously can’t seem to have enough books: my son will spend hours being read to or looking at books independently. We love Usborne Books & More, and the collection of books Bitte offers. As for cars, I’m all in for Bannor Toys. I love personalizing them and imagining my boys’ future children playing with them one day—they are true heirloom quality. When it comes to stuffed animals, my oldest son latched onto a Christmas bear from his advent calendar last year that was a $10 Target find, but he also adores all of his Blabla Kids dolls (and I can’t get enough of their quirkiness), and we love Cuddle + Kind dolls because of their mission.

What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?

A perfect Sunday involves a stocked fridge from grocery shopping done on Saturday. It starts with a slow morning with homemade pancakes or vegetarian breakfast tacos followed by playtime. The afternoon unfolds as we see fit, with no strict agenda to adhere to (other than baby naps of course, always baby naps). We have some amazing food truck parks and patio spaces in Oklahoma City, so a little bit of time outside at one of those would be a dream, too. The house is clean and dinner is either simmering on the stove or being delivered by Postmates. The day would feel equally productive and restful and time would seem to tick a little slower than usual.

What’s your perfect meal?

Always and forever my favorite meal is anything Mexican and spicy! The perfect meal would be one that is delicious and fulfilling (but not in an over-filled kind of way), and the leftovers are just as good the next day as they were the day the meal was prepared. And no perfect meal is complete without dessert.


Brittany Viklund – @BrittanyViklund

Photography by Kacey Gilpin@kaceygilpin

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