Our Business Manager Lets Us Inside Her Color-Filled Home

For as much as we share our own lives around here on Glitter Guide, we don’t often get to show our homes. Why? Because prepping your house for a home tour is hard! But Sam has been hard at work on her little San Diego Craftsman-style house and we had to share it. In case you missed her post on feeling self-doubt from not owning a home, be sure to check that out. We’re so excited to share more about Sam and her darling space with you!

For those that don’t know, tell us what you do professionally? 

I’m the business manager here at Glitter Guides, which means I just do a lot of the behind-the-scenes operations stuff like finance, HR, team management, etc. But recently, I’ve also taken on the editorial side of things as well, which has been really fun in terms of flexing my creative muscles, but also really challenging. I also manage our partnerships and dabble in our social media. I kind of have my hand in all the pots!

Tell us a little about your background.

I’m a 3rd generation native San Diegan. I was born and raised here, and so was my husband. I started my undergrad at Chapman University and ended up finishing it at University of the Pacific before starting grad school at Harvard Business School. I have my MBA from there with a concentration in corporate finance. I’m super nerdy with numbers, so I immediately fell into the finance and HR world. I worked my way up and became the youngest CFO of a multi-level company in San Diego when I was 26. But, once I got pregnant, I decided to leave that job and launch my own consulting firm. I gave birth to my son Rocky on the Fourth of July in 2016, and started consulting full-time the following month. Taylor Sterling was one of my clients, we clicked, and the rest is history.

Tell us about your home. 

We rent an 800-square-foot pink Craftsman-style cottage in San Diego. We’ve been here for about two years and it’s my favorite. Since we aren’t in the position to buy anything, this really is the next best option for us. Even though the house is small, I love it. It also has a 1,000-square-foot deck, so we spend most of our time out there when we can. We live in a super random little pocket of a neighborhood that has old-fashioned street lamps and huge trees lining the streets. I always joke it’s like our own mini Connecticut in the heart of San Diego.

How would you describe your interior style? 

Pink-obsessed-wannabe-minimalist? I struggled for a really long time with wanting my house to look a certain way and fit into a minimalist aesthetic. I wanted all white everything because I love how clean it looked. But with a toddler, two dogs and a husband, that just wasn’t realistic. So now I just buy what I like instead of trying to fit within a certain aesthetic. Unfortunately for my husband, a lot of what I like is very, very pink. But he’s a good sport and is just happy I’m happy with our home. Over time, my “neutral” became pink with a few pops of blue just for my hubby’s sanity. We always joke that I think I’m way funnier than I actually am, but I love mixing in funny or kitschy pieces wherever I can.

3 products you couldn’t live without at home? 

Is air conditioning a product? Because this is my first house with central air and I’m never going back again. I recently switched to linen textiles and it was a game-changer. I’m obsessed with our linen bedding from Parachute and Rough Linen. We also have linen towels that are my new favorite. How did I live without those for so long? And third would probably be our espresso machine. My life blood.

Favorite décor pieces in your home? 

My Blockshop Textiles print is my pride and joy. I’ve wanted one for so long and it’s just perfection. I’m obsessed with my gallery art prints from Artifact Uprising. They took two of my favorite pictures of my son and made some pieces that I will treasure forever. I love buying from local makers whenever possible, so my ceramic rainbows from Eloeil (I have four now!), my Female Support System wall hook from Kaye Blegvad and my original artwork from Kayla Gale are a few of my most cherished pieces. Other than that, I have a few vintage rattan pieces I really love including my son’s toy chest. It’s one of my favorite finds to date.

How has being a mom influenced your home? 

When Rocky started becoming mobile and it was time to “childproof,” I really wanted to create an environment where I didn’t have to be saying “no!” or “don’t touch that!” all the time. I wanted him to be free to explore and check things out on his own terms without the fear of something breaking. So we had to make some adjustments in terms of décor styles, but it also really helped us pare down what was necessary and what was extra. I hate having a lot of “stuff” anyway, but adding a kid into the mix as well as living in a tiny house made me extra conscientious about what we were bringing into it and where we were putting it.

What is your morning routine? 

I’m trying to be better about waking up early before Rocky, but it doesn’t happen often. My husband doesn’t go into work until 11 a.m. and I work from home, so depending on the day of the week, mornings are usually pretty slow. I always drink a huge glass of water when I wake up. It’s my requirement before I’m allowed to have coffee. But typically as soon as we’re up, Rocky is hungry, so it’s fixing him some kind of breakfast while the espresso brews. Then I typically sit down and post Glitter Guide IG stories before I get ready for the day.

Tips for women who work from home? How can they make a space that is pretty but also lends to productivity? 

My biggest tip for women who work from home is to act like you’re getting up and going to the office. This means brushing your teeth and changing your clothes at a bare minimum. Even if it’s a clean pair of yoga pants. Just get out of your pajamas. Our house is so small, but I do have a dedicated workspace. I think that’s vital. Especially making it a place you want to be. I always keep things that make me happy, but won’t distract me, on my desk. Crystals, a pretty candle that smells nice and plenty of writing tools. I always light a candle or fill up my oil diffuser before I work. It’s like a ritual that indicates it’s time to zone in. I never turn the tv on during “working” hours. If my son is home with the nanny and I need to hide out, I do the same thing in my bedroom with a lap desk. I still light the candle and put away all of my distractions before getting to work. Also, a clean workspace makes it easier to start the day. Don’t let your workspace get cluttered or disorganized, or you’ll be less interested in sitting down.

Favorite places to shop for your home in San Diego? 

Pigment and Maven are my go-to spots in San Diego. I shared about both of them in my San Diego city guide. They’re both so different, but so good! Gunn & Swain is another favorite. She doesn’t have a storefront, but she’s local so I’m often able to score some really cool goodies from her, like my rainbow shelf.

What is your favorite room in your home? 

It’s a toss up between my bedroom and Rocky’s bedroom. I love our room because it’s literally filled with all of my favorite things. My bedroom is me, but in décor form. But there’s something about Rocky’s room that I just love. It gets the best light and it has been really fun to see that room evolve from a nursery to a big boy room. We recently just switched him from a crib to a twin-size floor bed, and the Montessori-style bed is so cool. We got him a mattress from Layla, which was the smartest move ever because ever since the transition, I spend a lot of time in that bed and it’s more comfortable than my own. He’s obsessed with reading and has a giant vintage record shelf full of books. I just love hanging out in there and reading books and watching his little wheels spin.

How would you describe your personal style? 

Minimalist, but also a little bit extra. Like, I wear the same Madewell shirts every day of my life, but dammit if I’m not going to have extra long glittery red nails and a pink fur coat on top of it. I like to think if Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn had a baby who was extra curvy and really into tattoos, it would be me.

What is your current beauty routine? 

It depends on the day! But really, we try so many different products for Glitter Guide, I feel like it’s always changing. Hence my super crazy skincare routine I shared a couple months back. I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, I tend to stick with the same look: Tinted moisturizer, big winged eyeliner and lots of mascara. I like a dramatic eye, what can I say.

Favorite quote? 

“I hope to arrive to my death late, in love and a little drunk.” – Charlie Mathews

Sam's home tour


Photography by Brooke Aliceon

Florals by Catalina Neal

Living room


Sofa and Ottoman

Macrame Wall Hanging

Blush Throw Pillows

Lumbar Pillow (similar)

Coffee Table

Accent Table

Hanging Light Fixture

Lamp Base (similar)

Lamp Shade

Knit Blanket

Flower Babe Framed Art Print

Orange Harvest Framed Art Print

Agate Accent Table (similar)



Pink Velvet Chair

Rattan Mirror

Velvet Accent Bench

Pink Velvet Pillow

Vintage Rattan Record Holder (similar)

Vintage Wood Accent Table (similar)

White Planter

Salt Lamp

Hanging Macrame Planter (similar)

Rainbow Shelf

Rainbow Ceramic Pot

Tom Petty Metal Print

Pink Smudge Dish

Rose Quartz + Quartz


Shower Curtain

Ceramic Knobs

Half Circle Wall Shelf

Vanity Tray (similar)

Rose Quartz Roller

Hand Towel (similar)

Linen Bath Towels

Master Bedroom

Bed Frame


St. Frank Textiles Pillows

“Arches” Wood Block Print



“Just Married” Banner

Lucite Vanity Tray


Storage Ottoman (similar)

Mirror (similar)

“How To Roll Up Your Sadness” Framed Art Print

Jewelry Stand

Metal Shell Tray

Rainbow Keychain

Female Support System Wall Hook from Kaye Blegvad

Gallery Art Prints

Rocky’s Room

Layla Mattress

Montessori Bed Frame


Throw Pillow



Pom-Pom Garland


Vintage White Rattan Bookshelf

Freddie Framed Art Print

Ceramic Rainbow


Bar Stools

Kitchen Tiles



Rattan Sectional

Throw Pillows

Macrame Swing

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