Our Must-Have Clean Beauty Swaps For Bath + Body

This is the final installment of our clean beauty series, and we’re wrapping it up with all our favorite bath and body products. It only makes sense because skin is the largest organ in the human body. And when you’re slathering up with lotion or body oil, you’re using a lot. So better keep it clean! Keep reading for our favorite clean beauty swaps for bath and body.

Swap your body wash for this one.

We love Milk + Honey products around here, and this body wash has the most invigorating scent.


Swap your bar soap for this one.

This Pink Clay bar soap from Herbivore Botanicals will leave you feeling soft and squeaky clean.

Swap your exfoliants for these.

I’m obsessed with these exfoliating sugar cubes from Harper + Ari. They smell incredible (don’t eat them!) and exfoliate like a dream.

Swap your bubble bath for this one:

How pretty is that bottle? Lollia has some of my favorite packaging, but it also is the most luxurious bubble bath and a super-reasonable price point.

Swap your body cream for this one:

This intensive body cream by Grown Alchemist is just that—intensive! It hydrates like crazy and leaves your skin so deeply moisturized and soft! Plus, it has an addictive scent.

Swap your body oil for this one:

I love how this body oil instantly seeps into your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. It gives you a subtle glow and has the most delicate smell of rose petals.

Swap your sunscreen for this one:

Sure, summer is over, but you should still be wearing sunscreen when you go outdoors. This super-fine mist is easy to use and free of any icky chemicals.

Swap your self-tanner for this one:

Oh, how I wish I could go back and tell my high school self to skip the tanning beds. But did you know most drugstore self-tanners have a ton of gross chemicals in them? This one from The Organic Pharmacy gets its DHA from sugar beets, so it’s all natural!

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