How Pinterest’s Creative Strategist Does Home Décor

Pinterest is one of our go-to sites for inspiration on pretty much everything—home décor, fashion, travel, you name it. It’s a super cool site, and it turns out, its creative strategist, Aimee Rancer, is just as cool. We had a chance to interview her and find out more about the apartment she shares with her boyfriend in San Francisco. The home’s style is the perfect mix of boho and mid-century modern, and we love all of the fun items and accent pieces (that geo-design wall!) seen throughout. Aimee, who also has her own blog, wanted it to be a comfortable and approachable space, and we think she accomplished this perfectly. So step inside, get comfortable and enjoy learning more about Aimee and her dreamy home.

How do you balance your creative role at Pinterest, and your blog The Ohio Transplant?

If we’re being honest, at times it can be a challenge! Because my job is super creative during the day with ideating for new clients and pitching ideas, I can often feel creatively drained in the evening. My biggest takeaway is to not “push it” and force myself to create content for content’s sake. I love having both sides of my life (professional and personal) be rooted in creativity and “making” cool stuff. In order to not be stressed, I live and breathe by a calendar that has all my work meetings, but also blog events, photoshoots, coffee dates and more.

You have what some may call a ‘dream job’! What do you love most about working for Pinterest?

More than anything, I love Pinterest’s mission: “Helping people discover and do the things they love.” And that can be anything. From finding your next tattoo to designing your new home, Pinterest is a place where you can be uniquely yourself. It’s a safe space where you don’t have exterior noise unlike other platforms. Along with the company, my coworkers are some of the most badass and talented people I’ve ever met. We’re a quirky mixture of introverts, extroverts, designers, writers, producers, and they push me to do my best every day.

Does your Midwestern upbringing affect your home’s décor and style?

I think being from the Midwest, we appreciate homes and spaces that feel “lived in” and approachable. The last thing I’d want is for someone to feel like they couldn’t curl up on our couch with a beer and just hang out. So, with that in mind, we wanted our home to be down to earth and cozy.

How would you describe your home’s style?

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Definitely would say our home’s style is “a little boho, a little mid-century modern, with a hell of a lot of plants.”

What’s the biggest difference between Ohio and the West Coast?

I LOVE Ohio and feel so grateful to come from the Midwest. It’s easy to get lost when you move, especially living in San Francisco where coffee costs $6 and you’re lucky if brunch out costs under $40. I think coming from Ohio gives me a great Midwest sensibility, but living in California has definitely introduced me to a lot of passions—whether that’s avocado on everything or finding an appreciation for landscapes (those SF hills).

What’s been the hardest part about decorating your home? What about the most fun?

If we’re being honest, my boyfriend Tom decorated a lot of the apartment. He’s an architect and naturally has a good eye, so I let him do his thing while offering my opinion every now and then. I think the hardest part was that our apartment is fairly small (being in San Francisco and all), so being mindful of making the most out of the space was a challenge. In terms of the most fun, we were excited to bring a bit of our personality to the place—framed pictures of us, unique artwork and tchotchkes that adorn the bookshelves and side tables.

Do you have any DIY projects in your home that you’re proud of?

The geo-design on our wall is one of my favorites because it adds so much to the living room! I was traveling for work and when I came home, Tom surprised me with the accent wall. He’s pretty creative and thought up the design on his own and made it with gaffer tape, so it’s easily removable!

What’s your favorite room in your home, and why?

Our living room is one of my favorite spaces because a) we spend the most time there and b) it combines all these unique elements of our personalities into one. For me, it’s the bookshelves where all my favorite reads live—color coordinated, of course. For Tom, he’s a cocktail blogger who loves concocting in his spare time so we have a huge bar cabinet that has any liquor you can imagine.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or décor in your home? Why?

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My favorite piece is above the couch and it’s the Go F_ _ _ Yourself print by James Victore x GFDA. It’s a test (as it says on the bottom) of when you see it, what’s your initial knee-jerk reaction? It’s a good reminder to be creative, be curious and see every possibility.

You have quite a few plants in your place! How did you figure out how to fit them into your décor?

Tom has a green thumb so when we moved in together, I inherited a lot of plants from him. Since we don’t get much sun in our apartment, the majority of the plants are sitting next to the window—desperate for some light.

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?

Usually, it’s waking up at 7:30 a.m. (sleeping in!), grabbing coffee at The Mill and taking it to Alamo Square so our dog Bolt can frolic and play. What happens after that is always a crapshoot, but oftentimes ends with us grabbing a cocktail at our favorite neighborhood spot (Barvale) or ordering Mediterranean takeout.

Which 5 items do you always have in your fridge?

Endless amounts of La Croix, several tubs of hummus from our local grocery store, fresh veggies (hooray for Imperfect Produce!), random leftovers and some of our favorite beer (currently it’s Anderson Valley’s Framboise Rose Gose).


Aimee Rancer – @aimeerancer

The Ohio Transplant

Photography by Tory Putnam

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