How Evalyn Made Temporary Improvements On A Rental Bathroom

When we were first looking at the apartment we live in now two years ago I don’t think it quite registered to me just how ugly the bathroom was. As soon as we moved in I couldn’t stop searching for ways to make my bathroom more appealing. The thing about being in a rental is that there is often very little you can do to update your space, but with some simple fixes that your landlord should mostly approve of, you too can have a cute bathroom!

Let’s start with the before. Disgusting am I right? The floor was bubbly and uneven due to old linoleum, the wood was super outdated, and you could see straight into the shower. Bottom line is that it was not pretty.

First things first, I wanted to was cover up that floor! I dragged my husband to Home Depot and we purchased some updated linoleum flooring planks. I was afraid of white or bathroom linoleum looking like how we inherited it so I opted for a lighter wood style. Let me tell you, this was not the easiest process, but in the end, I felt was worth the time to have it feel clean and fresh. Plus, it’s super affordable and our landlord okayed us to do it.

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Next, I really felt the glass shower door made for not the prettiest sight when looking into our very small bathroom. I got a simple white shower curtain, a black curtain rod for contrast, and some cute shower hooks to go with it!

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Now to finish it all up I needed to paint the cabinet and add some finishing touches. I chose a simple white paint that would work on wood and did about three coats total. I intended on switching out the knobs but the cabinet actually doesn’t allow for me to do that, but if I figure it out one day you best believe that will be the next thing I do!

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For the decorative accents to distract from the things left I couldn’t change like the wall paint, the mirror, or the old countertops and faucet, I spruced it up with some cute plants, wall art, a diffuser, and a rug!

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That’s it! Even though some of these steps did take some time and energy I always feel like it is so rewarding to feel at home. I honestly spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready at night or doing my makeup so I wanted to feel like I could love the space I was in. I truly don’t think you have to compromise on style or price to make your space enjoyable to be in.

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Author: Evalyn Duke