NYC Babes We’re Living Vicariously Through On Instagram

As I sit here in my 80 degree weather in the middle of (f*&%ng) October *not bitter, I swear*, I casually scroll through my IG feed and am inspired and just a tiny bit jealous. New York is such an incredible place year round, but it’s especially magical in the fall. The fashion, the food, the art, it’s all my favorite. If it didn’t cost $10,000/month to sleep on the floor of someone’s closet, I would pack up and move there. New Yorkers are my people. But until I win the lottery or the housing market collapses, I’ll just live vicariously through some of my favorite stylish NYC residents on Instagram.

Crystal Anderson



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I’ll just forever be in love with Crystal. Her style, her personality, it’s all so killer. She makes me laugh at least once a day with her stories.

Joyce Lee


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Joyce is the head of design at Madewell (so you know her style’s on point), and one of the sweetest mamas on IG. I love the little snippets we get into her Brooklyn life.

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Glory Edim


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Author and founder of the Well-Read Black Girl, Glory is everything I want to be when I grow up.

Alyssa Coscarelli


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She’s the senior fashion editor for Refinery29, and looks better in a pantsuit than anyone I’ve ever met.

Haley Nahman


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OK, so I basically have a crush on the entire Man Repeller staff. But Haley is just that effortlessly (at least she makes it look effortless) chill cool girl with a bitchin’ head of hair.

Casey Zhang


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I feel like I’ve been following Casey on Instagram forever. I came for the insanely beautiful minimalist apartment, and stayed for the style. I mean come on, she’s wearing vintage Versace mom shorts in this picture and looks amazing. She used to run social media for Glossier and Etsy, so she’s pretty darn smart.

Aemilia Madden


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As the senior fashion editor for The Zoe Report, the girl has some S-T-Y-L-E. She’s the effortlessly cool NYC girl I’ve always wanted to be.

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Molly Young


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She’s a rad designer/branding magician who most recently created an exhibit for The Color Factory in New York (Diane Von Furstenberg is a fan!). Plus, she’s got the dry, quick wit I love in an NYC babe.

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