Inside The Neutral Dream Home Of Almost Makes Perfect’s Molly Madfis

Molly Madfis

Throughout the years, we’ve featured so many home tours featuring houses full of colorful pieces. And while these houses definitely brighten our day, there’s something about an all-neutral color palette that has us swooning. One look inside LA-based designer and blogger Molly Madfis’s home and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The neutral colors instantly create a calm and serene atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting and oh-so relaxing. This home is what neutral dreams are made of, so step inside and discover all of the natural beauty that awaits.

Tell us about your home. How long have you been there and what do you love about it?

We bought our house 3 years ago. There are still things I want to fix and rooms I want to renovate, but I love our house so much now (it needed some work to get to the place where it was lovable). We have really high ceilings that make it feel much bigger than it is, and we have our own master en suite, which was something we had on our must-have list while house hunting. Renovating the kitchen really changed the entire house because you see it right when you walk in, and now the whole great room feels so big and bright.

You’re a first-time mama to the cutest babe ever. How has your décor style changed since becoming a mom?

Styling—it’s changed 100 percent. I used to love to put my cute knick-knacks everywhere, but Arlo is also into decorating himself, so it’s made that harder. But it’s kind of a fun challenge to figure out how to design with Arlo in mind while still making things look cute. For example, our coffee table now just has a winnowing basket full of his toys, and I’ll decorate with his cute wooden toys instead. For the fragile items that I still keep out, I just put them up high out of toddler arm’s reach and secure with museum putty, and we keep baskets in every room to corral all of his toys.

We replaced our sofa a few months ago with this massive sectional. It took some getting used to because it’s like the deepest couch in the world, but we are so in love with it, and I could never go back. It’s so perfect for a family because we can all spread out and Arlo loves to crawl around on it. I’m sure the older and dirtier he gets, I’ll start considering rugs that aren’t so light-colored, but for now I always keep stain remover 10 feet away and we’re surviving!

You joke on IG a lot about never adding color to your space. Are you just naturally drawn to neutrals?

I am! In all my years of decorating my own places, I have always ended up hating everything colorful eventually and getting rid of it. I actually think the shabby chic phase may have made me a neutral lover for life, and it’s hilarious to think back to me liking shabby chic whatsoever, but you just figure it out as you go. My first apartment had a lip-shaped sofa I got at a yard sale, a giant “Pulp Fiction” poster and a mosquito net over my bed for no reason. Maybe you just need those terrible apartments to help guide you into your own personal style, or maybe it’s because we didn’t have social media, so I just didn’t know any better!

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?

For my house, “California casual”—clean, a little bohemian and a little minimal, but also not at all minimal if you open any cabinet door. I basically want to live in a mix between Ace Hotel and a Nancy Meyers movie. And for myself, I guess it’s the same thing. I dress comfortably and simply. I basically just rotate the same three or four pairs of pants with three or four different tops, and I have a few linen jumpsuits I like for when I don’t want to have to put together an outfit (because I’m really bad at it!). I also have a pair of white overalls that I can quickly throw on over any pajama T-shirt to leave the house in—sort of sounds like my house, right? I like neutral and warm for everything. I just wish they made Mazdas in beige.

Coffee table // Sconce // TV cabinet

Tell us about Arlo’s room! Do you have any favorite pieces in the space?

A few months ago, after we sleep trained Arlo and I weaned him, we switched out the rocker for the leather Toro chair—I always wanted one and it changed the vibe of his room so much! It made it feel less like a nursery and more like a…“cool kids room.” Arlo loves it, too. I also struggled for a while to figure out what I wanted to hang above his crib and I tried a bunch of different things until I decided to just paint a simple rainbow on a piece of canvas and we are so happy with it now!

Where are some of your favorite spots to shop for home décor?

I love Urban Outfitters’s home stuff, and I also have a problem with H&M. It has such cute décor items, I can almost never resist and I should probably get rid of the app from my phone because I am always checking the new arrivals. I love Schoolhouse Electric for accessories, I want everything from Danish Design Store and Cedar and Moss is my favorite for lighting.

Crib // Chair // Mobile

You are a designer and it seems like there’s nothing you can’t do. Do you have any favorite projects you’re particularly proud of?

That is so nice. I do just love making pretty things, and I am sort of always working on something new. I find myself needing a project or I go crazy—so, whether it’s planning Arlo’s 1st birthday party obsessively, or working on a room renovation, if I have any free time where I’m not working, I will try to do something creative (even if that means I’ll work on a blog post or design patterns for my Society 6 shop while in bed watching TV).

I was on the hunt for a cute baby on board sticker for months and couldn’t find one I liked enough to put on my car, so I just decided to make one myself. I now sell them on my blog and it was really satisfying to actually create it from scratch!

You’re one of the funniest people to follow on IG. How has sharing your day to day on Instagram made an impact in your life?

This is going to sound so corny, but Instagram stories makes being home with a baby way less lonely. It’s sort of like another relative to send updates to, and when I have a problem or question, I have so many people to talk to. I honestly can’t imagine motherhood without it! I also love that I have a place with all these memories documented. Whenever I am bored, I watch Arlo’s highlights to laugh and cry.

Bed // Nightstands

How did the blog name “Almost Makes Perfect” come to be?

I’ve always loved being crafty, but I have never had the patience it takes to do things perfectly, like properly prepping a piece of furniture to paint. But that has never stopped me from just trying my best.

When I started the blog, it was just to have a creative outlet because I was working on a TV show that wasn’t as creative as I wanted. I have always been into making things, but I decided to make it a professional hobby. I started doing weekly DIY projects and the more I got into it, the better I got at it. I’ve since slowed down on the DIYs since I’m now at a point in my life where I would honestly rather just buy something than make it, and I think my readers have gotten there, too. Now the blog is about design in general and life as a mom, but I think that Almost Makes Perfect rings true in everyday life.

Are there any particular brands for home or fashion you’re loving right now?

I want to wear everything from Elizabeth Suzann. I live in my Beatrice Valenzuela slides (unfortunately so does everyone else!). I check Fine Life Co constantly because I’m obsessed with her taste. Pigeon Toe Ceramics makes some of my favorite things!

What’s your current skincare routine?

I actually am really bad at skin regimens…like I just use Cetaphil to wash my face and Ivory plain body wash because I have sensitive skin and it’s always been nice and mild. I love Caudalie Lotion Tonique (also I love its Grape Water spray), Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip Moisturizer (it smells like Hawaii) and Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen. Sometimes, I’ll do a Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask for fun.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Alllll the reality tv (“Gigolos,” “Love Island,” “RHONY” and “Vanderpump Rules” are my top four), but also just all TV in general. Before we had Arlo, we could spend full days eating all three meals in bed, never shutting off the tv. We just binged 96 hours of “Dexter” in like three weeks—so tranquil!


Molly Madfis – @almostmakesperfect

Photography: Marisa Vitale – @marisavitalephoto

Shop Her Home:

Master Bedroom

MirrorCeiling Fan
Wall hanging

Circle chair

Living Room

Coffee table
TV cabinet
Mud cloth pillow


Bench was custom made

Dining Room

Built-in seating
Pendant light
Wall art
Wood wall hanging
High chair
Table runner

Superfront drawer pulls
Matte subway tiles
Bertazonni range
Pendant light
Black petrified wood tray


Floor tile
Wall hooks
Wall shelves
Shower curtain
Dipped stool

Arlo’s Room

Window shades
Closet hardware
Coat rack
Moon art
Changing pad
Side table

Guest Room

Bed frame
Art above bed
Table lamps
Flip clock
Blush linen sheets
Sheepskin pillows
Kilim rug
Wood cabinets
Large desert art
Reed diffuser
Faux air plant
Gold bowl
Luggage rack
Butterfly chair
Pendant light

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