’80s Home Décor Trends That We’re Absolutely Living For

My husband makes fun of me a lot lately because all of my interior inklings lean toward 1983 Miami opulence. Think pink bathroom tile, banana leaf print, etc. As I swooned over yet another ’80s-inspired home on Pinterest, I got to thinking about the trends of the decade. There are some that we hope never, ever come back (I’m looking at you, oppressively large window treatments), but there are a few making a comeback that we’re totally here for.

80's home decor

Tropical Vibes

I already mentioned this one, but it’s starting to pop up more and more. While I don’t necessarily want a bedroom that looks exactly like Blanche Devereaux’s (OK, yes I do), there’s definitely a way to modernize those banana leaf prints with a few simple additions of texture.

get the look:


Glass Tables


OK, so maybe we aren’t running out to buy a giant glass top table. But the vibe is there. Instead of just tabletops, we’re swapping for fully glass or acrylic tables. Especially in a living room or an office space, an acrylic table lends a modern looks to any space.

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Pastels forever

I mean, I’ve been on this bandwagon my whole life, but I’m glad we’re circling back around. Pink and yellow especially are making a giant resurgence as staples in home décor color palettes. Now, when we would have previously balked at a bathroom covered in pink tile, we clap for joy. Yellow kitchen backsplash? Sign me up.


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Brass Monkey

No, the Beastie Boys aren’t becoming a home décor trend, but brass is making its way back as the go-to color for hardware and fixtures alike. Hey, someone had to take over for rose gold, right? Brass home décor accents and fixtures are easy to find these days, so here’s hoping it sticks around for awhile.


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Author: Samantha Welker

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