7 Cozy + Stylish Balcony Ideas

Rapunzel had one, Juliet had one, heck, we’ve all probably had one at some point. With apartment living comes balcony views. Some are small, some are spacious, but they all offer a big drink of sunshine and fresh air. Please tell me you’re not currently using your balcony to store crap out of the way. No, my friend, it’s time to turn your balcony into a small slice of serenity.

Here are a few spaces that have that beautiful balcony setup nailed:

balcony ideas

If you’re into a more mod, eclectic feel, try adding a fun lounge chair and a patterned rug. Add a giant cactus and some bamboo and you’re set.

If you’re lucky enough to have a great view, by all means take advantage of it. You can create a DIY small-space seating area with a couple of milk crates and fun throw pillows.

Adding plants to a balcony really brings it to life. Add a few planter boxes around the railing and use a simple stool to play with high and low when incorporating more plants.

Really, really limited on space? A simple rug and a cozy chair can be all you need. Plus, there’s nothing a little faux sheepskin can’t spruce up.

If you own your home that has a balcony, you have a little more freedom to get creative. Mix and match textures by adding some fun paneling to an accent wall (a much better alternative to wallpaper when decorating outdoors). We love these built-in shelves with the recessed lighting.

But if you don’t own, here’s another great example for how to achieve the same look. An “L”-shaped bench is the perfect space saver for your balcony. And, I feel like this is a given, but string lights are a must.

When in doubt, just add some color. Folding tables and chairs are great for small spaces because you can pull them as needed and use the space for other things as well!

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Author: Samantha Welker

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