10 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

The holidays are expensive. Everyone frantically searching for the perfect gifts, decor, and menus. We also are aware that we share gift guides that encourage shopping (and many of you love them!), but we also want to make sure we share some ways that you can contribute to the holidays without buying expensive gifts or better yet without spending money at all! Here are some ideas to help you give back this year.

  1. Participate in Giving Tuesday (November 27th). We love this organization. It has great ideas for how you or your company can give back. You can search by location and get ideas for things located near you.
  2. Donate to victims of the California fires. The New York Times has a helpful article on ways to help.
  3. Donate to the victims of the recent shootings in Thousand Oaks, CA. Here is a helpful article.
  4. Bake cookies for your neighbors. We personally love this one. It’s simple and such a lovely gesture. Also, instead of buying all your teachers or your children’s teachers presents or gift cards, bake them something special. It’s a lot more affordable and sweet.
  5. Pack stockings for the homeless. We see homeless people often in our city and always wonder how we can help. This is a great idea during the holidays. Pack stockings with granola bars, waters, socks, etc.
  6. Declutter and donate. An easy thing that can benefit people is to donate items you’re no longer using. Go through your rooms and pick out things you’ve been meaning to donate and get them there before the holidays.
  7. Feed hard workers. Cook a meal and send it to local fire stations, police stations or anywhere there are people working over the holidays.
  8. Visit a nursing home. We love the idea of bringing cards or colorful drawings by your kids to a local nursing home to brighten the day of the elderly.
  9. Think of your family. Instead of just giving gifts, think of ways you can really help your family. Could someone use a day off from their kids? Does your sister need help cleaning her garage? Kind offers of your time can be the best thing you can give to someone you love.
  10. Donate to schools. Call around to local schools and see if they are in need of extra pencils, paper, and any other school supplies.
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Author: Taylor Sterling

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