These Homes Will Make You Want To Paint Your Ceilings

Forget your standard wall, the attention grabber should be your ceiling. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite examples of how to take this new trend to the next level. It is all about creating a well-rounded space.

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When your curtains and your décor match your ceiling, you’ve definitely done a few things right. This cute print has a modern feel thanks to the grown-up accessories.

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2016 Pantone colors of the year come to life before your eyes. There’s nothing more precious than a home that embraces color. Nix the solid colors and go for a more daring stripe.

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Take advantage of your sculpted ceiling with some strategically placed wallpaper. It definitely adds depth and truly elevates this space.

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The go-to black-and-white color match deserves a modern touch. Black ceilings often scare people, but don’t immediately assume it will close up a space.

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A touch of color that connects an entire room is fun without being overly serious.

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A gorgeous, girly wallpaper on your ceiling adds so much vibrancy into the room. Plus, playing with light fixtures will definitely take any room to the next level.

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Playing your ceiling off of your walls is one thing, but this magnificent spoon room has taken décor to all new levels of cool.

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If you’re not ready to commit to a full-on wallpaper or paint takeover of your ceiling, then small details are a nice, playful way to accomplish touching up your ceiling.

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Go ahead and engulf an entire room in a modern and pleasant print.

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If you have dark fixtures in the room, the best way option is a light and quirky wallpaper. White ceilings are so last year.

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