How To Make The Holidays Personal When You Can’t Be With Family

The holidays are a time for family fun and festive cheer. But what if you can’t be with your family around the holiday season? Many people live apart from their families, vacation days can be limited and travel from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve is historically expensive. Sometimes, you end up spending the holidays solo. But that’s no reason to go into a Grinch-style funk or swear off singing Christmas jingles! Even if you can’t be with family, you can put your own personal touches on the holidays. With the right attitude and creativity, you might find yourself just as happy as Buddy the Elf with maple syrup. Our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here with some helpful ideas.

Round up your fellow solo holidayers

You can’t be the only one with no Christmas Eve plans! Ask around to find other friends who might not have family plans, or who have been solo over the holidays in the past. They may have ideas of events around town or want to hang with you! See if you can gather a group and make your own “family away from family.”

Re-Create Your Favorite Traditions

It is so important to not let being alone on the holidays stop you from enjoying your favorite and treasured traditions. Did you and your grandma make holiday cookies every December 1? Did you go to the movies every Christmas Day? Still do that! Just find a pal to accompany you, or relish in that special tradition on your own. You can’t let those opportunities for new memories pass you by.

Head to local holiday watering holes

Plenty of cities have fun holiday pop-up bars, holiday lights festivals or other seasonal events throughout December and even into January. Take advantage of those! Just being around other people feeling festive will help put you in the holiday spirit.

Embrace the idea of a “me day”

If you really can’t find anyone to hang with, don’t worry! Focus on creating your own perfect day instead. Whatever you love to do, eat, see, drink and experience…do it all! Plan your ideal 24 hours and soak it all up.

Last resort: Latch onto another family

This really shouldn’t be a last resort, but not everyone has this option. However, if you happen to get a “holiday adoption offer” from a family you know and love…take it. If someone considers you family, join them for the holidays and add more laughter, love and joy. You won’t regret a single moment.

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