Elle Rowley’s Magical Home Away From Home

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful house to retreat to for some much-needed rest and relaxation—and with amazing views year-round. Just ask Elle Rowley, founder of the wildly popular Solly Baby babywearing wrap and co-founder of ARQ base layers for women, kids and babies. One look at this home (now called Rowley Hill) situated on 10 acres, and it was love at first sight. It needed a lot of work to improve its appearance inside and out, but the result is a magical place that brings so much joy to Elle and her family, and other families as well (it’s available to rent on Kid & Coe!). Get cozy and prepare to feel the warmth of the space immediately.

Tell us about Rowley Hill! How did this magical place come to be?

In 2015, we bought an old pop-up camper van and took it up the coast for a summer family vacation with our three little ones. My brother and his family live in McMinnville, OR, so we stayed a few nights there. I have a self-appointed side job endlessly looking at homes for sale on Redfin, especially when traveling, so while we were there, I saw this foreclosed home on 10 acres. We drove up to it at sunset on the last day of our stay and fell in love. The home was pretty thrashed and wasn’t super thoughtfully built, but the property and view were breathtaking. I instantly imagined our life together there. It was truly love at first sight. It seems nuts now but it felt very natural to make an offer on the home and start a new life there a few months later. We lived there for the first year and did a lot of major construction and then ended up needing to come back to San Diego for work, but we have kept it as a special place for our family to visit and other families, as well. It was a very important time for our family that I’ll forever be grateful for.

You live in San Diego. What made you choose Oregon for Rowley Hill?

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The Northwest has always had this mystique about it. Jared and I had always wanted to try it out and, because we have family in Oregon, it made the most sense to go there. The contrast between San Diego and Oregon make both even more beautiful to me.

Coffee Table // Basket (similar)

Tell us a little bit about the design inspiration for the space.

Truly, my husband Jared designed this home. We both love the feel of a warm Scandinavian farmhouse and it really felt right for this home. Not too rustic but still warm and with just hints of mid-century design without it being overpoweringly so.

How would you describe your interior design style in 3 words?

Scandinavian, minimalist, farmhouse.

Where are some of your favorite spots to shop for home décor?

For this home, we relied a lot on Schoolhouse Electric, Rejuvenation and antique stores. The Good Mod is an incredible mid-century modern furniture shop in downtown Portland that we love as well.

OK, you have to spill. What’s the secret for keeping a house so clean with all the kiddos running around?

Haha! I wish I had an answer besides cleaning more than I’d like to! No shoes in the house and the toys don’t come out of the playroom. Luckily, we have an incredible manager for Rowley Hill who keeps it way cleaner than I ever could for our guests.

How has having kids changed your design style?

Absolutely. I love the challenge of keeping things comfortable and functional while still incorporating my own personal style. I feel the same way with my own personal style as well. I feel most at home where function and beauty meet.

Do you have a favorite room in the house?

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I love the living room in the winter. There’s nowhere I’d rather be sitting than on the sofa next to a fire and listening to a record while looking out those huge windows. In the summer, the kitchen is my favorite because it opens up to the back deck and swing sets so I can cook and make blackberry syrup while watching the kids run and play. It is heaven.

Any exciting plans on deck for Solly Baby or ARQ in 2019?

We have some killer prints and collaborations coming up for Solly Baby, and ARQ is hitting its stride with women and children’s basics. It’s going to be a good year.

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What’s your ideal way to spend a Sunday?

Sundays are family day. I am a church-goer, so we always go in the morning and then we spend the rest of the day together, napping, playing games, going for walks. It’s the most restorative day of the week for me.

Current nighttime skincare routine?

For the past few months, I started using Rodan & Fields for acne-prone skin (turns out, I’m still a pubescent teen) every evening and it’s working really well, but I’d love to find products with the same level of effectiveness without all the chemicals in them. Got any ideas?

Favorite quote?

Everything is, everything exists, only because I love.  – Leo Tolstoy


Rental – Kid & Coe Listing

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