Our Founder Looks Back On 2018!

Who else feels like 2018 went by in a total blur? The saying, “The days are long but the years are short” really is so true. This past year has been one of growth and challenges. Not only for me as a person, but as a small business. I’ve learned a lot about what kind of lifestyle I want, the kind of business owner and boss I want to be, and the steps I need to take to make that happen. I feel like it took some time to get here, but the past two months have felt like a lot of the hard work of this year is starting to pay off.

I’m super grateful for things that Glitter Guide accomplished this year. We are a tiny team and we do a lot behind the scenes that you’re probably blissfully unaware of to bring you content and products we’re proud of. Our editorial calendar is planned months in advance, we have the team all send contributions months ahead, and Sam and I meet once a week to go over everything. We also meet quarterly for bigger picture pow-wows. These are things that weren’t really in place consistently before this year. I have to say, having Slack and Asana has really helped us stay organized and more efficient.

I launched my lockets and Glitter Guide launched the limited-edition bath products with Tubby Todd this last quarter. Working on products is such a fun process for me. Everything from concept, design, photo shoots and marketing. It takes months of planning and a lot of time, but it’s totally worth it in the end. I’m looking forward to sharing more exciting product collaborations. We’re still curious about launching our own products. If there is anything you guys would be interested in, let me know.

When it comes to our brand, I’m passionate about us being positive, inclusive and fun. We know that you love coming here for home tours and shopping posts, and that will continue next year, but I do hope that we can bring back more storytelling. In this digital age, storytelling isn’t always the most clickable piece, but it’s important for me that we still work on content that is inspiring, original and heartfelt. We also will bring back some of the fun pieces from people we feature, like 10 Things or morning and evening routines—pieces you can read on-the-go that will inspire you.

I’m feeling optimistic about 2019. I feel like we’ve gotten into a good groove behind the scenes, which allows us to work on more of our big goals. I would love to update the site soon. It’s crazy how often you need to do that these days. I want it to be super easy for you to navigate and for you to be able to easily access our huge library of content.

I can’t thank you enough for being with us as we go into our eighth year! It means everything to me and to everyone on the Glitter Guide team. Thank you and have an amazing New Year!




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Author: Taylor Sterling

Taylor Sterling is the founder and creative director of Glitter Guide. When she's not working on all things GG, she can be found reading and sometimes art directing photoshoots for @LolaJayne. She enjoys spending time with her family and eating french fries (not necessarily at the same time, although that's definitely the best combination). Follow her at @TaylorSterling