How To Revamp Your Beauty Routine For The New Year

New year, new you, new beauty routine, am I right?! The start of a new year is the perfect time to rethink and reflect, why wouldn’t this also apply to your beauty routine? Being a product junkie like me, it also sometimes entails just that: ending up with a lot of junk over the year from buying and trying things.

Scroll on for a few tips that have helped me when wanting to do an overhaul of the beauty products I use every day.

Throw things out!

My favorite activity, throwing things away! You think I’m kidding? I love to get rid of things in general and this especially adheres to beauty. If you haven’t used a product in a few months, have it sitting on a shelf or it’s past its expiration, throw it out! Make room for only things you really use, which leads me to my next step…

Buy only what you need.

I am so tempted to just buy something based on cool packaging or Instagram, but the best way to revamp what you have on hand, is to go through it all and ask yourself, “Do I use this, and do I love this?” If not, out it goes!

Do your research.

*Will buy something based on pretty packaging* – it’s me! If you know you get sucked in by an Instagram ad, a cool label or a blogger’s endorsement, think twice before you buy. Be sure to check sources and compare opinions, sites like Into the Gloss and Byrdie Beauty are some I love to check to see what’s actually worth purchasing.

Only buy one type of product at once.

This has been so helpful in helping to not clutter my shelves and shower with multiple toners, scrubs, blushes, etc. A good rule of thumb for me is to completely finish using a product before I buy another (unless it really sucks or is damaging my skin, of course). This also will help with your spending!

Try something new!

Sometimes, it’s hard to be experimental when you’re running out the door or just not in the mood for playing around with your look. I totally get how that feels, but a great way to revamp what you’ve been doing is to try something new! For example, I typically hate red lipstick, but the other night, I went to a holiday party and I thought, why not? I got so many compliments and it was just fun to do something I normally don’t. Doing this also helps you figure what you really like and what’s actually worth investing in.

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Author: Evalyn Duke