How To Make Self-Care Sunday A Thing

Personally, Sundays are the days that I try to lay down as much as possible and do nothing. I’m sure plenty of you can also relate to that sentiment. Lazy Sundays have been my go-to since I can remember.

Have you ever thought what a more productive Sunday would look like? I’m not talking about breaking the whole do-nothing-on-Sundays rule. What I mean is working self-care into your lazy Sunday to help you kick off your week. Thus, creating a whole new tradition: Self-Care Sunday.

Do Something Nice For Yourself

This could be anything from buying that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for weeks, or treating yourself to a 20-minute face mask. You can still lounge around if that’s what you want, but why not add a little something to it? Perhaps a 15-minute meditation will do the trick. The point is, that every Sunday you should be doing something kind for yourself, whatever it may be.

Connect With Mother Nature

If you are like me, trapped in a very cold area, then I’m sure you’re saying ‘no way’ right now. But hear me out. This is the time of year that we are in desperate need of sun because we get so little of it. Layer up and take your dog for a walk around the block, or you can actually let your inner kid out and play in some snow. Take in your surroundings and get some fresh air, even if it’s for 10 minutes.

Fit in a Quick Workout

Does this defeat the whole purpose of laying around and doing nothing? Sure, but exercise will release those feel-good endorphins that will make your Sunday all the better. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout. I like to do a few yoga stretches, but if running is your thing, go for that. Move around a little, even for just 30-minutes and it will truly make a difference in the rest of your day.

Bring the Spa Home

This is possibly the best way to spend your Sunday. Take that much-needed ‘me time’ to the next level. Use the day to try out some DIY treatments. Do a long self-massage, or create your own face mask with everyday kitchen items. Then just sit back and relax.

Soak Up Some Alone Time

As an introvert, I know that my alone time is essential to my wellbeing. And I’m sure many of you feel the same way. If you live with your family, alone time may seem impossible. That’s why you need to carve out time for yourself. If the house feels too full, then head to the bookstore for an hour and get lost in the aisles.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

Wendy is the Editorial Assistant here at the Glitter Guide. She has a background in PR and marketing, but her true passion is editorial. She enjoys all things beauty and lifestyle.