How To Stay Fashionable This Winter When All You Want To Wear Are Oversized Sweaters

Along with winter comes the urge to lay on the couch all day in flannel pajamas and slippers, cocooned in a blanket, binging Netflix. It’s that time of year where you have a subtle chill in your body all the time. The weather is cold, dry and gray. The mornings are dark and gloomy making it even harder to wake up to an alarm, and even more tempting to snooze it. Upon waking, the most appealing outfit choice is one that most replicates pajamas, because again, it’s freezing. The last thing you want to do on cold winter mornings is put on a dress (yikes!).

Oftentimes, the easiest thing to do is reach for a comfy oversized sweater to pair with your favorite jeans or leggings. This outfit is a winter staple. It’s warm, cozy and easy to throw on in the mornings. However, there are only so many oversized sweaters you can wear in one week. This is why our contributor, Katherine Hilton, rounded up a couple of ways to stay fashionable this winter when all you want to wear is oversized sweaters. While a good oversized sweater is a winter wardrobe necessity, it can be fun to switch it up!


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I have been totally obsessed with layering this winter. It’s such a fun way to showcase different pieces in your closet, and it’s so easy. Almost everyone has a go-to tight turtleneck for the winter. Try layering this under your favorite dress or jumpsuit. This is also a great way to wear different pieces in your closet year round. Throw your favorite spring dress or fall jumpsuit over a turtleneck, pair it with some booties and boom—you have a fashionable winter outfit.

Layering also works the other way. Remember that oversized sweater we swore off of wearing every day? Throw it over the top of your favorite jumpsuit or slip dress, pair with some boots and you have yet another simple, fashionable winter look.

Printed Pants

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One of the easiest ways to spice up that oversized sweater is with a pair of printed pants. They don’t have to be expensive (Target and ASOS have some super cute ones!) and are a fun staple to add to your closet. They make your outfit pop and are a nice alternative to your favorite pair of jeans.

Printed booties are also an easy and fun way to dress up any winter outfit.


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Belts are a unique and easy way to add a little excitement to your favorite oversized sweater or cardigan. Simply pair your favorite belt with a cardigan and jeans or an oversized sweater and skirt.

Satin Pajamas

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That’s right, pajamas. What sounds more appealing to throw on in the morning than a pair of satin pajamas? Wear your favorite satin pajama set as an outfit, or simply pair your satin pajama pants with an oversized sweater. These are two easy ways to spice up your winter fashion while also being comfy AF. They make for a pretty chic work outfit, too.


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Joggers have quickly become one of my winter wardrobe staples. They are so comfy and easy to slip on in the morning. I have a couple of plain and printed pairs from Anthropologie that I wear on rotation. Pair them with your fav sweater and booties and poof, another simple and comfortable winter outfit.

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