7 Houseplants That You Cannot Kill If You Tried

Houseplants are basically a staple in millennial décor, and I for one, am a major culprit of this trend, which means I’m also a major culprit of sometimes neglecting my indoor greenery. Luckily, there are some plants that can survive even if you’re a terrible plant parent like me.

Scroll on for some of the least kill-prone plants you can find!

1. Sansevieria aka ‘Snake Plant”

I bought mine at Home Depot over a year ago for $20 and even though I neglect it, it looks absolutely perfect. These add such a nice form and pop of color to a room without requiring much attention at all!

2. Spider Plant

A fun and funky plant that would be great atop a dresser or hanging out on your bathroom counter. They can survive in super low lit areas, too!

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3. Red Prayer Plant

I’m new to this little guy, but it is so cute and has the most unique leaves! Aside from removing toxins from the air and being pet-friendly, it’s also super low maintenance.

4. Bird of Paradise

If you’re looking for a gorgeous statement plant to fill a large place, look no further. This beautiful plant will look her best even when you forget to water her from time to time.

5. Monstera

This tropical plant is apparently noted to be very easy to take care of and adds a pop of style to any room.

6. Aloe Plant

I found my aloe plant at Walgreens forever ago and it still is as healthy as ever (you can even cut off the leaves and use them in your skincare routine!).

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7. ZZ Plant

These beautiful and unique plants are so easy to take care of and will add the coolest scenery to any space.

It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overwhelming to be a plant parent when you know the right ones to buy! For more home inspiration check out 7 Pink Bedrooms That Any Woman (Or Man) Would Love or 8 Stylish Home Décor Hacks For Renters.

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Author: Evalyn Duke

  • Some of my family, friends, and I have had houseplants for decades. Not necessarily a new trend, most are natural air cleaners and the bonus is they serve a decorative function as well. I love my plants and have several from loved ones funerals to remember the loved one we lost, some are 8 years old. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

  • I love Peace Lillies. I’ve had one from when my uncle passed away 6 years ago, and despite forgetting to water it for months at a time, it survives. I just put water on it when I remember and it perks right back up.

    My mom has one from when my grandma passed in 2000, and she is worst than I am with plants. Hers still stays alive. She has forgotten to water it, over watered it, it’s turned into a mini bog in the pot. And somehow it still lives. I like to think there is a little piece of my grandma in it that refuses to completely die.

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