10 Things Taylor Sterling Is Loving This Month: Birthday Edition

I just celebrated my birthday! I really love birthdays. I love the chance to appreciate and relish in getting older. At this age, I don’t get too many big parties, balloons or gifts, which is totally fine by me. If I want anything, I usually buy it for myself anyway. I look forward to special time with my family and friends—changing our routine and doing something new. However, if I was to make a birthday wish list, this is what it would look like!

  1. Taylor Sterling for Lulu & Georgia Wallpapers These had to be a part of my favorites this month. I’m so stoked how these came out! I love them so much. You can learn more about the collection on my site.
  2. Valet Hair Clips
    Hair clips are all the rage right now. ’90s style is fully resurfacing and I am so here for it. I used to wear the plastic butterfly clips all the time in middle school. These are a much cooler and prettier version.
  3. Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream
    I love all the products by Drunk Elephant. They have truly helped my acne issues. This is the newest product, and now that I am 37, I think it’s time for me to start trying retinol.
  4. Hortense Large Egg Ring
    I have a large gold ring on my wish list right now, and Hortense makes so many of my favorite pieces. I also love what this one stands for!
  5. Rachel Saunders Wave Incense Holder
    I’ve got my eye on this beauty. Its design is calming and delightful.
  6. Kip & Co Bean Bag
    These are perfect for the kids to chill and read, and sit and watch a movie in! Plus, the color is so good.
  7. Shop Dôen Mala Dress
    Pretty much my dream birthday dress!
  8. Twisty Braid
    Style for my birthday dinner? I love this effortless look.
  9. Entler Lamp
    This unusual lamp has made my favorites many times, yet I’ve never bit the bullet on buying one. With it being my birthday and that I’m redoing our living room, maybe that means it’s finally time!
  10. Hawkins New York Candle Stick Holders
    These are going to look so pretty in our living room once we refresh it. I love the soft pink.
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Author: Taylor Sterling

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