Where To Find The Best Coffee Table Books, And It’s Not Amazon

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One of the questions I get asked most often on Instagram is where I find all my coffee table books. I sometimes laugh to myself and think, “Well, we all know where to find most books” (ahem, a giant online retail store that has taken out most bookstores!), but then when I really think about it, I do try to get most of my books from small shops or thrift stores whenever possible. Even if that means I spend a few more dollars. I feel good about supporting small businesses. Books are my weakness. I always justify a book purchase, and despite a recent massive declutter, I still ended up with most of my beloved book collection.

I think the thing people really want to know is how I discover all the books in my home. First, you have to be obsessed with books to really notice them. If I see a book cover on Instagram in the background of a photo, you bet I’m taking a screenshot. I follow accounts that seem to share the same admiration for books and book design and I will get inspired by their choices. I also follow shops that carry a lot of cool indie magazines and books to see what’s on their radar.

Another great option is to head into your local thrift store or used bookstore. We have a used bookstore near me and it’s one of my favorite places to visit each week. The books are sometimes a little beat up and maybe an older edition (which I find thrilling). You can find a lot of books from the ’80s and ’90s that have really pretty covers in a used bookstore.

Another great way to find cool books is to look at home tours. You will often see covers that you haven’t seen before and can search for them online or at your local shops. I tend to favor vintage books that feel a bit retro. I noticed that a lot of French people have homes filled with vintage goodies that intrigue me. So following the blog Inside Closet is a great place for inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite places to find décor books:

  • Your local thrift shop or used bookstore. Salvation Army usually has a great selection.
  • Try thriftbooks.com. I’ve had some great success finding old editions on this site.
  • Need Supply usually has very cool mix of new books and magazines.
  • Artwords Bookshop in London is one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram. It has the coolest selections.
  • I love scrolling Etsy for vintage books. It takes a bit more time, but there are a lot of hidden treasures.
  • Bart’s Books in Ojai, CA, is one of my favorite places, ever. It’s such a gem and it has the best used book collection!
  • I visit my local library often. This helps me see old covers or discover books and see if they are something I would want to order online.
  • I love the blog Girls at Library when looking for books in general. It’s a super inspiring.

That’s really it.

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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