Budget-Friendly Home Décor Updates To Make This Spring

Our contributor, Katherine Hilton, discusses home décor updates that are not only budget-friendly, but will make a big improvement to your home.

It’s that time of year where everyone and everything around you seems gray. The mere thought of spring is the only thing keeping you going. The weather is cold, gloomy and miserable. Even the thought of sunshine is a faint memory. Thankfully, spring is quickly approaching.

In these last few dreary weeks of winter, I have been challenging myself to focus on the things that bring me joy. It is so easy to get tied up mid-February and focus on everything that is going wrong. The weather can so easily affect our thoughts and moods. By focusing on the things that bring me joy, I am easily able to overcome and ignore the things that don’t. For example, this winter weather has really been getting to me. So, in an effort to focus on spring (which brings me great joy), I am rounding up some budget-friendly home décor updates to make this upcoming season.

By brightening up our surroundings, it is easy to focus on the fact that spring and sunshine are just around the corner. Even if the weather outside isn’t cooperating, our décor inside will brighten the mood and help us focus on the sunny days ahead.

These updates are fun, cheery, simple and won’t break the bank. Making some easy spring updates to your home is great way to refresh and help shift your mindset to the season ahead. These updates can be as simple as changing out your bedding or adding some new throw pillows to your couch. And who knows, maybe if we start to focus on spring, it might actually show up soon!

Update Your Bedding


The thought of updating your bedding is simple, yet daunting, right? Why would you change your bedding just for the season? But this is actually such a simple way to add some fun and color into your décor this spring. There are some super-cute, inexpensive bedding options out there. It can be fun to choose a color that you typically wouldn’t to spruce up your room. Who knows, you might even end up liking it year-round!

Swap out some lamp shades


This is such a simple, yet effective update to make for spring. Swap out your lampshades for some bright and cheery ones. This is an easy way to add some color to any room.

Add some plants


Adding plants to your home décor is an easy way to brighten and liven up any room. If you are horrible at taking care of plants, like me, there are plenty of artificial plants to do the trick!

Lighting swaps


Swapping out your light fixtures is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up any room in your house this spring. Target has some great budget-friendly options!

New throw pillows

Throw pillows are such an easy décor item to switch out throughout the seasons. I am loving the ones that Joanna Gaines designed for AnthropologieThey are the perfect spring update to add to any couch, chair or bed.

Curtain refresh


Give your living room, bedroom, office or shower curtain a refresh. Whether you change out your curtain rods or your actual curtains, this is an easy way to update and lighten up your space.

Cabinet update


While this update is a rather big one, it is sure to brighten up your home and get you in the mindset for spring. Colorful cabinets have definitely made themselves known in 2019, and I am here for it. If I didn’t rent, I would be pulling out my paintbrush and heading to Lowe’s to buy a gallon of paint!

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Midwest-born and -raised, Katherine is currently a college student living in NYC where she attends the Fashion Institute of Technology while studying Advertising and Marketing Communications with a focus in Public Relations. She tends to think of herself as a very non-traditional college student. She has a passion for health and wellness, home décor, fashion, city living and so much more. In her free time, you can find her scrolling Pinterest, hitting a workout class or watching HGTV.

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