Spring Health Goal: Make Sleep A Priority

When you hear the word “health,” what do you think of? Fitness? Eating clean? Pure ingredients? Meditation?

How about sleep?

If sleep isn’t part of your health regimen or wellness plan, it friggin’ should be.

We could quote endless studies that show that sleep is good for your mental health, for your weight loss goals, for productivity, for your skin and for any number of other things. And they’re all out there for you to find and dig into for yourself! They’re easy to find, and they all say the same thing: Sleep is very important.

That’s why it’s crazy that so many people don’t prioritize sleep when they’re making plans to jump-start their health journey. So, as the weather warms and “bikini season” approaches, we encourage you to start thinking a little more about sleep. Our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here today with ways to help you make sleep a priority.

Plan your day around your bedtime

You know when you were a little kid and you wanted to know your whole day’s schedule (including meals, of course) the second you woke up? Employ that as an adult. Plan out your day around when you want to hit the sack. Set your to-dos and deadlines from there to make sure you can be in bed when you need to be. Then your whole day will lead up to that healthy decision.

Start prepping early

Check in with yourself mid-way through the day. How are you feeling about your schedule for the afternoon and evening? How can you adjust to hit your desired bedtime?

The afternoon is also when you should start avoiding caffeine and limiting screen time as much as possible to prepare early for your best night’s sleep. If you can, also avoid alcohol. We won’t firmly come in between you and your wine, but we do advise staying away when you can.

Embrace the winding down

Enjoy those moments at the end of the day! Take your time with end-of-day rituals like your nighttime skincare or meditation. Read your favorite book or write in your journal and really relish those quieter moments in the day. It’s the perfect time to take stock of all that you accomplished, and approach your bedtime with a clear head.

Know your place

Your bed is for sleeping (and other nocturnal activities 😉). That’s all. No napping in it or working from your bed or laying on it to scroll through Instagram. Unless you’re getting in that bed to go to sleep, stay away from it. This will help signal to your brain that anytime you get into bed, it is time for sleep and sleep alone.

And then you’ll know it’s time to rest. And rest you will.

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