Why You Should Look For Natural Beauty Treatments At Spas, Too

It’s no secret that natural beauty treatments are all the rage. Everyone from celebrities to our own editors can’t get enough of natural beauty. And, that kind of makes sense, honestly. After all, why shouldn’t it be trendy and cool to take care of what we put on our bodies? It’s one of the best things we can do for our wellness on a daily basis, and it takes almost most effort.

In fact, it will probably be fun! But it shouldn’t be limited to your at-home regimen. If you are shelling out big bucks on spa treatments at a salon, don’t you want the products they use then to be as clean as the ones you use at home? Of course, you do!

But, it’s crazy how many people don’t look closely at spa treatments before they book or ask their masseuse or esthetician questions throughout the treatments. Ask questions! Be aware! Our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here with some helpful ways to ensure your spa experience is as natural and clean as possible.

Here are some questions to keep in mind:

  1. When booking your appointment, read the whole description, not just the title. If any ingredients are listed, look those up. If specific brands aren’t mentioned by the spa, ASK for brand names of the products used, or if there are “clean” options. Choose those.
  2. Call the spa. I know it’s easier to book online, but call the spa. You can talk through their offerings and any additions or specials they have running. You can also ASK questions and find out more about the products they use. And then you can choose “clean” products.
  3. When you get two options to choose from (oils, lotion, etc.), ASK which one has less ingredients or is a “clean” product. Choose that one.
  4. When an additional service is offered like a new polish or an extra exfoliant, ASK which one has less ingredients or is a “clean” product. Choose that one.
  5. When you are encouraged to buy certain products after your service is done, ASK questions. Yes, these products might help extend the results of your service, but are they “clean” and going to be good for your body in the long term? ASK and choose the best option.

Notice a trend here? Know your options. ASK. Then choose clean.

For more guidance, check out our other guides on natural beauty products that are worth splurging on, plus the anti-aging products that are also clean. And these products aren’t hard to add or swap into your existing routine.

Clean beauty, whether it’s in your own home or in a spa, is no longer something that’s hard to achieve. You just need to make it a priority, and soon enough it will be a part of your everyday routine. Now, let’s book a spa appointment and get beautifying!

A lifelong Chicagoan, Kaleigh currently works in the Windy City’s food social media and marketing world, which is perfect for her cheese and chocolate-obsessed self. She is your go-to girl for recommendations on travel, champagne, the best Beyonce songs to sing in the shower and the latest in thriller fiction reads. In addition to Glitter Guide, her work has also appeared in Refinery29, The EveryGirl, Lux and Concord, DiningOut Chicago Magazine, and others. Follow her on Instagram at @kaleighglaza and work with her on food, blogging and social media at https://www.kaleighglaza.com/.

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