6 Outfits Hilary Banks Would Love Today

Oh, the ’90s…the fashion was really in a league of its own. When you think of ’90s pop culture, one of the most popular television shows of that time was hands down “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” And while, of course, we love Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff (and Uncle Phil, RIP), it was the eldest sister, Hilary Banks, who had the style on lock. From “Blossom” hats to matching sets, Hilary embodied ’90s fashion to a T. She was sexy, yet always fairly conservative. Totally polished and put-together at all times.

Read on to see the current outfits we think Hilary would love today.


Off-the-shoulder tops and mixing patterns were both huge staples of Hilary’s aesthetic.


Hilary loved a good applique. Whether it was in the form of a giant floral pin on her label, or a bowler hat covered in faux blooms, she incorporated a little punch of spring in all of her looks.


Always just the tiniest bit of skin was how Hilary liked to dress. She’d show just enough to make it sexy, without it being distracting.


A mini skirt over a pair of tights was a must for Hilary’s wardrobe. Especially when paired with a layered look on top featuring a button-up collar.


Blazers, blazers, blazers. Hilary loved herself a good blazer and matching set. We think she’d love this updated take on a power suit.


Hilary was never one to shy away from color. In addition to her affection for hats, she loved a good technicolor maxi skirt or off-the-shoulder top.

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