8 Ways to Decorate Your Home to Calm Anxiety

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Contributor Jenna Wohlwend knows that home is an important place. She takes us through tips for an anxiety-free home.

Our homes are our sanctuaries. It is where we find solitude in the world. It is a place that we should be most comfortable to be ourselves in and how it is decorated should be reflective of who we are and how we like to live our lives. It is important though to make sure that we don’t use our homes as places to hoard things. We need to be kind to our space and ensure that our homes are a place that can calm anxiety, not enhance it. Follow these bits of advice when decorating to make sure your abode adds to your life and doesn’t take away from it.


With Marie Kondo’s principals bombarding every lifestyle site, this one is a no brainer. Declutter and get rid of what you don’t use, or what doesn’t ‘spark joy’. It is absolutely true that our surroundings can affect our moods and a clean and organized external environment can help create a clean and organized internal environment (your mind). Do yourself a favor and just practice the principle that less is more when it comes to decorating. Detach from things and let it go. The very concept will alleviate anxiety.

Paint Only Calming Colors

Stay away from loud, bombarding colors like yellows, reds, or oranges, and instead, choose a palette that stimulates relaxation and feelings of peace. Blues, lavenders, beiges, whites—these are all options that set the tone of a tranquil place. Plus, if you need a little color or zest, get a piece of colorful art of decor that makes you happy and can add the pop, but won’t be over-zealous.

Add Plants

One of the most anxiety reducing things to do is to spend time in nature. It’s recommended by doctors, therapists, and health gurus as it helps naturally relax you and keep you grounded. So, add plants into your home! Just make sure that you find spots for them to thrive. Flowers are less permanent but the color and visual can definitely spark feelings of happiness and relaxation, just make sure you don’t get ones that are heavy with allergens. Check out some great options here.

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Invest in a Roomba

Having a massive to-do list is stressful and can make even the most calm people anxious. Housework is a common to-do that sometimes just feels overwhelming, especially after long days at work. Reduce your housework load and spend more time doing things you enjoy and invest in a Roomba vacuum that will do some of the work for you!

Light Candles

Candles create a calming ambiance at parties, at yoga studies, at massage places, and more–and they will do the very same at your home. Plus, the scented ones can really help calm anxiety. So add some aromatherapy candles into the mix. Lavender is always a great option and is a notoriously relaxing scent.

Put Up Art That Makes You Smile

Putting up decorations, art, or pictures that make you happy and remind you of your passions or happy memories are a great way to stay in a positive mindset. It could even be diplomas, sculptures, or really anything that sparks some kind of joyful event or hobby. For instance, if you love to dance, a Degas knockoff is great for you! If you just got married, hang those wedding photos! (They cost enough as it is, might as well!)

Keep a Trash Can by the Door

Whatever the first door you walk into is, keep a trash can there so you can dump scraps, junk mail, or whatever trash the day sends you. You’ll be less inclined to hoard it in a corner and “get to it later.”

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Study Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that basically focuses on how a person’s surroundings and environment can affect the harmony of their life. It definitely has its place and it is important to consider these practices when arranging your furniture. A little organization and thought in this can go a long way.

Just remember to follow the principle that less is more when decorating your home. Only welcome people, decor, and things into your place that will bring you happiness. This alone will make it a calming, anxiety-reducing place to be. In addition, these little life hacks will go along way in cleaning up the details that will potentially stress you out! Enjoy your home, make your rent/mortgage an investment that you can get back every day by prioritizing that your home is a place you love and that relaxes you.

Jenna Wohlwend is a content strategist at a tech company in San Francisco and runs her own lifestyle blog, Jenna Rose Colored Glasses. She has her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and loves karaoke, reading, cooking and traveling with her husband.

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