5 Apps To Help You Live More Sustainably

All of us here at Team Glitter Guide are interested in living a more sustainable life, and there are so many ways to do this. From buying secondhand clothes and goods to using less plastics in everyday life, small steps can make a big difference. Today, we’re here with some cool apps that you can download right on your phone to help you live more sustainably. Check them out and let us know in the comments if we are missing any that are really useful!

here are five apps to download now

HowGood: HowGood app users can search a comprehensive catalog with more than 250,000 food products that are analyzed based on their social impact, environmental impact and more. It helps give users more information before they buy.

GoodGuide: More than 75,000 personal care, household and baby items are analyzed based on their composition to help users make healthier decisions. Users can look up information on their favorite products, learn about what products other users love using and read reviews.

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JouleBug: This app offers users an easy way to make everyday habits more sustainable through practical tips and ideas, such as reminding the user to utilize reusable coffee cups and reusable bags, upgrade light bulbs to LED bulbs and cancel unnecessary catalogs and other paper mail. The app is set up like a game in which the user receives points for completing a variety of sustainable actions or decisions. Users can even follow their friends and neighbors to see how they’re making a difference, and share their favorite stories to inspire others.

Refresh Go: This app helps users take simple and small steps every day to live healthier and more sustainably inside and out with the help of tips that range from making your home greener to eating healthier. You select your level: Light Green (one simple step a week), Going Green (three simple steps a week) or Super Eco (five simple steps a week), and you can track your progress at all times.

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Think Dirty: This app helps users make educated and informed decisions on what products they want to purchase. They just scan the product barcode using a smartphone, and if the product is in the database, extensive easy-to-understand information on the product will appear. Users can learn about the ingredients in their beauty, personal care and household products.

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