I Tried Red Light Therapy And It Totally Transformed My Skin

In a world full of innovation, it’s so common to run into various trends that just don’t seem to stick—especially in the beauty space. There are so many new trends popping up, it’s hard to focus on a vital few to see if they will even stick.

More recently, I’ve taken a very proactive approach to my skincare. My skin has definitely been going through a hectic change over the last six months. It’s almost like puberty all over again! I’ve gone from oily skin to dry skin and jumped from occasional breakouts to full-on acne. It’s been quite the cycle, to say the least. I finally decided to stick to certain products in my regimen that haven’t failed me, but for some time, I felt that I needed to invest in a more serious approach other than just topical skincare products.

That’s when I started looking into red light therapy for skincare. Lately, there’s been a slew of new research on the effects of light therapy and the various benefits like boosted collagen production, wrinkle reduction, skin damage repair, and so much more. The best part, it’s completely non-invasive!

I’m always happy to be the guinea pig to beauty experiments, so when I heard that Joovv had a personal LED Red Light Therapy Product, I jumped on the bandwagon to figure out whether or not this go-to spa treatment was worth the hype.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when trying out a new device like this:

  1. Read everything! This isn’t your normal skincare product that you just apply and wait…it’s important when using an innovative device that you’re not familiar with to read the instructions and everything that comes recommended with it. I spent a good hour familiarizing myself with everything while I waited for the Joovv Go Red to charge up.
  2. There is no such thing as instant results…for anything. Gosh, how nice would it be if there were though!
  3. Stick to a routine. I started using this at night for 1-2 minutes as recommended. Then I eventually moved on to using some mornings and nights for 1-2 minutes. If you’re not consistent, then it truly shows and you won’t get the results you hope for.

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a ton of information, so I focused on how red light therapy would work specifically with my acne and dark spots. Using red light therapy led to less scarring (yes, I’m a picker), and helped heal my breakouts quicker. I’ve always had trouble not picking at my face (sorry, I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t help it). My previous scars are less visible, and it’s also prevented my recent scars from lingering.

I’ve only been using red light therapy for about two months, and I’ve seen a significant change in my skin. A good change! I’m definitely more confident in my skin and am impressed by results. OK, I think it’s safe to say this isn’t just one of many weird Beverly Hills spa treatments. Red light therapy is a legitimate way to treat so many different skin concerns, and worth checking out for yourself.

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Featured image via Pleij Salon

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

Wendy is the Editorial Assistant here at the Glitter Guide. She has a background in PR and marketing, but her true passion is editorial. She enjoys all things beauty and lifestyle.