7 Hairstyles That Make A Case For Going Dark In The Summer

I’m all about an unpopular opinion. I may not agree with it, but I love the controversy of one. You don’t watch “Game of Thrones”? Think essential oils are pointless? Don’t listen to Beyoncé? OK, you can leave. Totally kidding! (But not really…) Anyways, you get the point.

Another unpopular opinion is to have dark hair in the summertime. I know they say blondes have more fun, but sometimes being unique is even more fun than being blonde, so scroll on for some of the coolest hairstyles that will make you want to ditch the bleach this summer!

Image: Nikki Lee

Yes, there is a hint of lightness, but it’s barely there to frame her face, and makes the rest of the darker tones pop.

Image: Pinterest

Ummm…so much yes. Sometimes a darker hair color stands out more when it’s put up, making this chic bun look so perfect for those hot days.

Image: Pinterest

I love this subtle highlight with a dark root. It almost makes me want to get bangs, almost.

Image: Refinery 29

This overall color is so pretty and would look amazing paired with a tan from your vacation!

Image: Byrdie Beauty

Who says a full highlight is required for summer? The lighter pieces in the front of this short ‘do are so cute and doable for anyone.

Image: Pinterest

I love the subtle red tint in a mostly brunette shade like this.

Image: Pinterest

This gorgeous dark hair paired with a cool all-black outfit is the ultimate cool-girl vibe for the season.

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Author: Evalyn Duke