How To Make Your Bedroom The Healthiest Room In Your House

On average, as humans, we spend one third of our lifetime sleeping, so I would venture to say that the room that you sleep in matters—a lot! Your bedroom is the first place you wake up and the last place you are before falling asleep. The bedroom is arguably the most important room in your house, so it should be a place that brings peace and comfort—not anxiety or unrest. So read on for some tips on making your bedroom the healthiest room in your home.

Get Rid of That TV

Television before bed stimulates your brain and can make it difficult to get a fully restful sleep. I always love keeping my bedroom solely for sleeping. It makes it feel like a safe place to retire to after I’m done watching a show or movie. I know this is hotly debated and some people need a tv to fall asleep so if that happens to be the case for you, try turning the tv off an hour to 30 minutes before falling asleep instead of immediately and see if it changes your quality of sleep.

Have Access to Natural Light

Light largely affects our mood so make sure you allow some sort of light in during the day or once you wake up in the morning. Try some light-filtering curtains to create an airy and serene space. Having a dark, closed-in bedroom can often feel depressing so make sure your bedroom is a space you want to be in, not one you are in out of necessity.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

Clothes pile up, and the bed can be unmade, but overall you should avoid household items from other rooms being in your bedroom. You want your space to be inviting and calm, not remind you of other chores or cause annoyance or stress.

Stop Eating In Your Bed

I know this is another controversial one, but unless I really don’t feel well, I try to keep food out of my bedroom. Having clean sheets and bedding makes it so much more inviting for when you sleep and spend time in your bedroom. Save your meals for the kitchen or living room.

Don’t Take Work to Bed

Again, your bedroom should be a safe space that is peaceful and restful. I know this is hard especially when you work from home, but you should have your bedroom be a retreat and a place you can return to—not one you’re taking stressed calls and firing off emails from. I know sometimes this is unavoidable, but if you can, leave your work elsewhere!

Have Décor That Makes You Happy

Maybe it’s a pillow you love or a super cool art piece that you could stare at all day, whatever it is, fill this room with objects that are uniquely you and ones that make you smile. Your bedroom should overall spark good feelings and be a place that is all your own.

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Author: Evalyn Duke